OceanEx Monthly Update — June 2019

By CryptoFallen | OceanEx Fans | 29 Jun 2019


June Highlights:

Launch OceanEx CryptoFarm: https://oceanex.pro/en/cryptofarm

The Call of VeThor Campaign Part.2 — VTHO Medal Program: https://support.oceanex.pro/hc/en-us/articles/360027706731

Open OceanEx Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceanExPROOfficial

Open German Official Telegram: https://t.me/OceanEx_German_Official

Open Vietnam Official Telegram: https://t.me/OceanEx_Vietnam_Official

1. Product Developments

1.1 Web Optimization

  • launched CryptoFarm function
  • Supported binding VeChain X nodes
  • Added token information page
  • Added rate description page
  • Optimized deposit and withdraw tips
  • Order history and trade history have been updated

1.2 APP Optimization

  • Launched iOS APP Alpha version
  • Added full screen display in trade chart page
  • Added google reCAPTCHA
  • Displayed “suspended” status in coin list page
  • Optimized display of numbers in trade page

2. News

2.1 Listing

  • BAG/VET and BAG/BTC trading pairs
  • VSYS/BTC trading pair
  • CRO/BTC trading pair
  • XRP/VET and XRP/USDT trading pairs
  • ATOM/VET and ATOM/USDT trading pairs
  • TOMO/USDT trading pair
  • OCE/BTC trading pair


2.2 OceanEx Launches The First-ever Digital Assets Custodial Service to VeChain Ecosystem


0*-x6WWEyEZ8oZpdDf?q=20 0*-x6WWEyEZ8oZpdDf

2.3 OceanEx’s Vietnam Meetup Successfully Held in HCMC


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2.4 OceanEx (OCE) Has Been Officially Listed in CCXT Library


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2.5 OceanLab Launches Research Awards Program to Enrich Technology Development


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2.6 OceanEx Opens OceanEx Official Facebook And Sets Up 2 More Official OceanEx Telegram Channel — “OceanEx Vietnam Official” And “OceanEx German Official


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3. Marketing Campaigns

3.1 CryptoFarm Campaigns

CryptoFarm — a cutting-edge product providing a secure and stable capital storage and investment of digital assets


0*NA0XiLAbftqjUTC_?q=20 0*NA0XiLAbftqjUTC_

3.2 The Call of VeThor Campaign Part.2 — VTHO Medal Program


0*pL6V3Q0xWCW59ryS?q=20 0*pL6V3Q0xWCW59ryS

3.3 BAG Campaign — Trade to Take a Share of 30,000,000 BAG


3.4 Flash Boys Trading Competition [CRO Special] — Trade Collaboratively to Win 285K CRO


3.5 VSYS Campaign — Trade to Take a Share of 54,500 VSYS


3.6 OceanEx Community Campaigns

3.6.1 Bazinga! Guess Who is Sunny King


3.6.2 [This is it] Commemorate the King of Pop — Win MJ Album Collections and OCE Rewards!


0*rEKma5wH_uApiywf?q=20 0*rEKma5wH_uApiywf

3.6.3 VeChainThor Blockchain Launch 1-Year Anniversary Serial Activity


0*TLtVq4e7AKnz5A9-?q=20 0*TLtVq4e7AKnz5A9-

3.6.4 OceanTalk — AMA session with Crypto.com


3.6.5 CryptoFarm Investors Assemble — Promote Our New Product to Share 2 Million OCE


0*CFVKHNVzwRu03SkN?q=20 0*CFVKHNVzwRu03SkN

OceanEx Team

Please stay tuned and follow us on our official channels:

Website: https://OceanEx.pro

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial

Telegram — https://t.me/OceanEx_Official

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/OceanExPROOfficial

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OceanEx Fans
OceanEx Fans

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