Dexa Coin: a Revolutionary App Simplifying the Global Money Transfer!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 17 Aug 2019

Let's talk today about Dexa Coin, a new promising project which has the potential to reach a high level of success, since it is presenting some needed and useful services. 

Basically, Dexa Coin's aim is simplifying the method used by people around the world, to send and receive money. The Dexa app is created to reach this goal, and to allow people to communicate with ease through an inbuilt instant messaging feature. The app is going to facilitate the process of sending and receiving money around the globe to anyone who owns a smartphone. The app is also built to eliminate the middleman, and to use the blockchain technology in order to facilitate the remittance and money exchange. 


1. Features of Dexa Coin:

In fact, Dexa Coin has so many attractive features, including allowing people around the world to send and receive money without any issue, it will also help people to make instant payments (even offline for dinner or so), the app also is going to offer an instant messaging feature allowing people to communicate easily, and you will be able to link the app simply with your bank account which will allow people to connect the app to their payment cards (MasterCard, and Visa). The app is also very secured, and respecting the privacy of the users. 

2. Prepaid Card:

The project is also going to allow people to order the Dexa Coin prepaid cards, which can be easily linked to the app, and then it can be used everywhere to make payments either online or offline.



3. Dexa Coin Wallet:


In addition, Dexa Coin offers another product: Dexa Coin Wallet, which will allow the users to hold their Dexa Coin tokens, Bitcoins and so many other cryptocurrencies (mainly ERC20 tokens).



4. Team and Whitepaper:


The team of Dexa Coin is composed of many experienced devs and advisors, you can easily verify the authenticity of the team by visiting their LinkedIn profile pages (published already on the website).



Also, you can read the detailed whitepaper on the website, which explains already everything about the DexCoin App, the token usability and the roadmap of the project.


Useful Links:


The website: 

Telegram channel: 

ANN thread: 




Bitcointalk username: ruski

Bitcointalk link:;u=29233



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