My crypto and her hair.

My crypto and her hair.

Golden brown. Wouldnt attract me under normal circumstances. The colors i like were more deterministic in their representations. Since when did i start seeing myself with a fizzy haired blond? 

Come to my world i would say and step by dtep she would move. Every time i would open my mouth too long she would demand my attention. Realising i was more passionate about jy thoughts than her. Yet i didnt realise that she would see why i would rush to let things out infront of her. She probably new and wanted more time to undersrand. Time i didnt see myself having since the world she lived in differed to mine . 

Golden brown would be a better color for her yet her face screamed the darkest green i could love. The colors green and red were my life simple and elegant to watch. Pure in form and straight in expressing. Yet the golden brown would make me thing of everything but my colors and scream to the bull inside of me. 

Every interaction she would decide my mood yet my space enveloped hers but she is the one who would have  structured mine with her in it. Always stable in an ever changing mix of golden brown. My colors would fade to hers and pale leading me to a dark green my eyes never were to see. A green that pushes forward while grabing all the different shades of red finding her way into my charts and rallying them to new highs and higher lows. 

Her market cant be studied and its structure based on a base as solid as i make it. Golden brown would bring me subtance and a chemistry to switch my mind, body and spirit. 

How can i bring her to my world. I stood there imagining all the colors she would represent while watching her write down the codes needed for her to enter my world. A password and 12 words are finalised. Her first step into my world and my first step into new colors that are a market of their own. How deep can her green get? 

A future i would share with everyone equally but who knew golden brown would make such a difference to Me. 

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Entrepreneur . Trying to build anything within my ability. Crypto/writing/blogging/economics/defi/fintech. Everything is now connected.

Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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