Covid19 shield - It is not What you think !

By PeraPeric | NutriApex | 25 Feb 2021

They say that our world will be doomed without bees in 4 years. Same may reply to our bodies without our immunity, sooner not later. I introduce you to one life hack that can maybe tomorrow save your life. * without exaggeration

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to - Vitamin C !

Before you write off this article, let me take few more your seconds. :)


Vitamin C is one of the greatest of all antioxidants known to us. We can not metabolite it, and we must take it by food or supplements. (As Guinea Pigs and Chimpanzee). If we do not take it enough by food, we can develop Scurvy (nasty disease when your teeth may start falling out). Ok, we all know that is Vitamin C good for immunity , what is the catch? Recommendations for vitamin C intake by adults have been set by various national agencies and it goes from 40mg in India to 110mg in EU. But if we look one animal which is producing its own vitamin c - cat, we will see that cat is producing 20-40 mg/kg of vitamin c , which is around 180mg per cat per day! So, cat is metabolize 180 mg per day and we humans with 100kg and more (some of us :P) need just intake of 40-110 mg? It is obvious that something is not good here. 

Our scientist were probably driven by Scurvy in mind when they write those recommendations, so 40-110mg per day may be interpreted as minimum amount of vitamin c which we must intake by food and supplements if we don't want to get Scurvy, but for good and optimal health we must intake much much more. Wild gorilla for example ingest 30mg/kg/day of Vitamin C , in total about 4500mg of Vitamin C per day. 

In time of Covid19 it is a shame that those information's are not all over the media. If you get sick from Covid19, one of drugs they give you is 2000mg of Vitamin C, but if you look at gorilla you will see that healthy gorilla takes twice of those amount in just one day. Why? Because doctors are not well educated on vitamins (Speaking general, I know that there are loot of you who are :) ), they are good at prescribing medicine and therapies but vitamins and minerals, not so much. So, you are sick, you need above average healthy dose of vitamin c, and you need it to take it smart. 


First of all Vitamin C is soluble in water, and it will keep in your body around 3 hours. So you need to take it smart or it will all go to the toilet. 

Second, If you take more than your body can metabolize at the moment you will end up with diarrhea. (one and only contraindication - take smaller dose)

Your body is very adaptable to vitamin C, as much as you take bigger dose, you body will adapt. 

You can take Vitamin C with food, but you must eat hell of fruits and vegetables if you want to take those dose which will benefit your health, so supplementation is simpler and cheaper. 

Start with supplementation when you are healthy and start with 500mg on every 3-4 hours, and listen to your body. If you do not get urgent toilet call you can make your dose bigger. If you are thinking big ( I personally drink 3,2g of vitamin C on every 3-4 hours), ascorbic acid will probably not be suitable for you. Look for Sodium-ascorbate (it is Vitamin C in form of Salt, and not acid). It doesn't have any taste, it is in form of salt, and you can even put it on food.  

Train your body before you get sick, and adapt it on bigger dose of Vitamin C, so you will be able to prevent bigger health issues. You can not overdose on Vitamin C, fatal dose for humans is 200g/kg/day (for salt (NaCL) is 3g/kg/day). Even if you get diarrhea, do not worry it is not "bad type", all your intestine bacteria are fine, just because of lot of vitamin C, which is not digested in your gut stool was not be able to solidify. :)

Hope you find my article useful. If you do. Support me as this is my first article. 

If you have any questions, fell free to write a comment. 

Stay safe.



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