10 fun facts about the human brain

By STAB1995 | Organs and how they work | 28 Mar 2021

If you are a reader of my blogs then you know I am a huge fan of facts about the human body. This time I will write about the human brain. Have fun.

#1 There are around 100 billion neurons in the human brain

#2 Our brain consists of around 60% of fat. This makes our brain one of the fattest organs in our body

#3 We cry when we are happy, because the Hypothalamus in our brain can't distinguish extreme emotions like happiness and sadness

#4 The brain is mainly divided in several lobes: the frontal lobe, pariental lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe and Insula

#5 The frontal lobe is responsible for language & speech, cognitive processes, emotions, motivation and self rewarding

#6 The pariental lobe is responsible for sensory perception, movement, orientation, math and pain, physical pressure and temperature processing and regulating 

#7 The temporal lobe is responsible for recognizing faces, contribution of articulation of language and other sounds, understanding music, physical balance and regulating emotions

#8 The occipital lobe is responsible for visual perception and recognition + colors and helps with the thinking proces and emotions

#9 The Insula is responsible for our sense of taste, control & visceral functions, self-awareness and emotions

#10 Exercise can slow down the cognitive decline

I hope you learned some fun facts. Have a wonderful day.

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Kind regards,

Sascha Bargi BSc. Pt. & MSc. Ost. in training

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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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