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Real Name is Your Best User Name

By Debesh Choudhury | Number One Tip | 30 Sep 2021

Some months ago, I read a blog about a writer who is new to me.

The blogger writes how she progressed during a year of blogging each day.

I have very much liked her writing. She authentically expresses herself.

Her name is Good Writer (just an example). But her Medium profile name is Javelin Thrower (just an example). 

Her display name is still her real name, i.e., Good Writer.


User names are the identifier for your cyber presence

It is cute. I think many of you would think this type of profile naming is funny. But, in my humble opinion, choosing words other than your real name as your user name may not yield good results in the long run.

I know you would ask me why. I have tried to answer this question with an example from the real world.

If the display name and the user name is different?

Tagging is not difficult because the tagging operator @ maps the display name and the user name.



Different user names and display names are fine

You can have your user name and display name different. It is your choice.

I am curious to know why you have chosen a different user name and the display name? Do you gain anything?

A different user name and display name may not help you in the internet search engines.



Real name as the user name is the best

I prefer real names as the user names.

Real names are the best choice as user names.

The same user name and real name may boost your personal branding.

It may give more internet search results.

You may of course create secondary accounts with other user names.




"Best Tip for Boosting Your Personal Brand




Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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