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Best Tip for Boosting Your Personal Brand

By Debesh Choudhury | Number One Tip | 14 Aug 2021

I have been on LinkedIn almost since its beginning. I have a decent 8k+  following on LinkedIn. I posted many text articles and short-form posts. I have been tweeting regularly. I have also posted on other spaces, such as beBee-dot-Com and Facebook.

I have lately discovered that my profile on social and professional media is not complete. Something important is missing for a striving personal brand. This is an awkward realization.

But why have I felt so? There must be a reason behind it. Of course, there is a little reason. I have understood only recently — last year.

I will explain a little bit of it in the following sections with examples from my own experience.



My text blogs, tweets, etc. are doing fine

Haven’t I posted enough text blogs? Haven’t I posted so many tweets? They are helping me to communicate with the active members on their respective platforms. They are doing very fine.


I have been featured in Forbes articles by Ceryl Snapp Conner twice in 2015 and 2016 to recognize my activities on my LinkedIn group, “The Unfluencers.”







My audio representations rarely appear in cyberspace

I have also appeared through audio on some podcast interviews. But, those are not many. I have been on 

Neil C. Hughes's Tech Blog Writer's podcast show twice in 2017 and 2019.   20e91145b3b8fa7001a911163806a6006b7381e3b9deb522431df5007e4323a3.png   dbacf2a27a201b12e7ade49881998d581599988d6d04fb2d6acfe8b26fb577e5.png 




Am I really felt to be virtually present?

Of course, I am present in cyberspace via my LinkedIn, Twitter, beBee, and now on Medium.

But, I am yet to present myself on videos very clearly.

I briefly posted a video when our LinkedIn friend Lynda Spiegel visited India in Feb 2018. That was a video recorded on the rooftop of my elder sister’s residence in Kolkata.

That is not enough to make my presence felt in cyberspace.



Videos can add power to personal branding

Lately, I have discovered that my presence in cyberspace is probably not complete. I have presented myself mostly via text blogs. But, I rarely speak in front of my cyber connections.

Unless I present myself in videos, I think I am not presenting my true self virtually. I strongly feel that videos can present our true selves virtually on social media. In other words, videos are essential to boost our personal brand in cyberspace.

I posted a concise video on YouTube channel last year. The same video has been posted on my newly created Odysee-dot-Com channel this year.

I have decided to upload video content on YouTube and Odysee channels.



Final prediction and recommendation

Video can present your real self in cyberspace more authentically. Thus, you should post videos about your life, work, and surroundings. Let the videos complement the text blogs and help to create a more realistic personal brand in cyberspace.

Boost your personal brand more authentically by publishing video content with yourself in the videos.
— My Number One Tip on personal branding.



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Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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Debesh Choudhury
Debesh Choudhury

I am a solution architect for Digital Identity, Data Privacy, Password & Cybersecurity, Distributed Ledgers, IoT, a researcher & academician of Electronics, Computer Eng. & IT, an Entrepreneur & Tech Blogger.

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