NULS community briefing for the second half of July 2021

By NULS | Nuls | 16 Aug 2021

NULS heterogeneous cross-chain ecosystem NerveNetwork adds support for Harmony, Polygon, and KCC network assets.

◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance


◢Technical Progress

  • Released the NerveNetwork mainnet 1.13.0 version, supporting access to the chain networks Harmony, Polygon, and KCC.
  • Updated the Nerve wallet and browser to support Harmony, Polygon, and KCC.
  • Continued testing of the community governance products with Nabox, and currently adjusting the docking agreement based on the test results.


◢ SCO:


July 19: Shawn Jiang, Head of the Chinese Community of TOM, participated in an AMA at NULS Community. TOM enables pet owners to register their (physical) pet as an NFT, creating an on-chain genealogy and creating value for the pet’s offspring. Also, TOMNFT will provide an auction platform.


July 20: TOM launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. Users can to stake their NULS in the TOM SCO project and receive TOM tokens. Welcome! TOMNFT.


July 21: NerveDEX listed the TOM (NRC20) — /bTOM (BEP-20) trading pair. The NRC20 and BEP-20 TOM tokens can be swapped 1-to-1. Users who stake in the TOM SCO project earn TOM tokens.


July 21: BonFi announced the BNF token is available on PancakeSwap. BonFi released a PancakeSwap Liquidity Staking Pool on the BonFi Platform. Users earned double rewards on providing liquidity to the PancakeSwap BNF-BNB pair. BNB is the Binance coin. Owners of the ERC20 BNF asset can transfer funds across the BSC network using NerveDex. Owners of the NULS (NRC20) BNF can swap their NRC20 BNF for the eBNF using NerveDex and then transfer the eBNF to the BSC network. (Users can stake NULS in the NULS SCO BonFi project and receive NRC20 BNF tokens.) Thank you! BonFi.


July 22: NerveDEX has listed the APPN (NRC20) — bAPPN (BEP20) trading pair. The NRC20 and BEP20 APPN tokens can be swapped 1-to-1. Users who stake in the APPN NULS SCO project earn the NRC20 APPN token.


July 26: CobaltLend, Earhart, FarSwap, and Interop Finance from the NULS SCO projects participated in the first Crypto Corner hosted by NULS and managed by the SCO Commission — a consortium of the SCO projects. Initially structured as an AMA, Crypto Corner is now primarily a telegram Voice Chat. Join our SCO projects every Monday in NULS Community at 2 PM UTC. Each Monday is different with different people, different topics — meet the leaders of our SCO projects, listen to their view of all and anything crypto and blockchain, and maybe earn some tokens.


July 30: NULS is pleased to announce that LiveNFT will join the NULS SCO platform in August. The LIVENFT project aims to build the world’s largest decentralized NFT marketplace to celebrate art & artists across the globe. Welcome! LiveNFT.


July 30: NULS is pleased to announce that Kesef Finance will join the NULS SCO platform in August. Kesef Finance is a cross-chain defi project that provides a “way to trade, store, send, and earn interest on your crypto in a simple wallet with a debit card.” ( Welcome! Kesef Finance.

◢ Trading



July 16: Kalata, a Derivatives Trading Platform for synthetic assets, will add NULS as a synthetic asset.


July 21: Nabox invited its community to participate in the beta testing of the Nabox Android & iOS apps. The testing was from July 21–31. Testers were to notify Nabox via telegram of their wish to participate, and testers received Nabox tokens. To all the testers, thank you! for your testing and feedback and your commitment to NULS and Nabox.


July 24: Nulswap, whose website is signed by the “unknown developers crew” announced that “DEFI IS COMING TO NULS GET READY”. Welcome! Nulswap, we are READY and curious.


July 28: NULS and Helmet announced their future collaboration with a tweet and giveaways. “Helmet is a decentralized protocol implemented on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It was developed using Options Trading Logic, and it seeks to permit anyone to create an insurance policy — which essentially is a price-fluctuation shield.” The winners have been announced.


July 27: ASwap ( launched NABOX-USDT Liquidity Pool with Nabox rewards.


July 28: CocoSwap, based on Heco ecology, and NULS have reached strategic cooperation. Welcome! CocoSwap.

July 31: CocoSwap launched the NULS-USDT trading pair. Its project leader COCO was a guest in the NULS community chat to share the project.


July 30: NerveNetwork released mainnet node version v1.13.0. The new version supports the cross-chain of assets for the blockchains Polygon, KCC, and Harmony. NerveNetwork enables cross-chain transactions between 8 supported chains. Congratulations! and great work, NerveNetwork.


July 30: & Nabox have formed a partnership. This collaboration provides two opportunities: 1.) “Become a liquidity provider of NABOX-BUSD farming pair and get NABOX-BUSD-LP for staking on Biswap Farms. This powerful LP token will multiply your BSW with a profitable APR.” 2.) Stake BSW in two NABOX Launchpools and earn NABOX rewards.


July 16–31: The NerveBridge DApp empowers KALATA, LAS, FOX, NMX, MBOX, BABYDOGE, and other assets to realize multi-chain interaction.

◢ Other News



July 16: Berzeck, the Founder of NerveNetwork, participated in an AMA with the Bingoo & YF communities. The AMA topic was “NerveBridge cross-chain bridge helps YF and Bingoo community users to achieve multi-chain interoperability of assets”. The NerveBridge DApp enables YP to execute cross-chain transactions from the HECO chain to BSC/OKExChain/NULS. The Bingoo Wallet will use the NerveBridge DApp in the near future.


July 23: Mario Blacutt, AKA Berzeck, Director of the NULS community, Founder of Nerve Network, spoke at the Aviation Blockchain Webinar hosted by Earhart Solutions. Aviation and blockchain experts explored the future of aviation plus blockchain. Congratulations! to Earhart Solutions, the webinar was informative and thought-provoking.


July 24: NFTCircle has launched! NFTCircle brings visual art to the NULS blockchain, where the art can be shared and exchanged. The NFTCircle Market supports NABOX, and all sales are in NULS. Welcome! NFTCircle.


July 30: MyTrade (Heco network) launched the NULS-USDT trading pair. To coincide with the launch, DZ, MyTrade Co-Founder, participated in an AMA in the NULS Community. Thank you! DZ, for an informative AMA.


July 31: NULS, NerveNetwork, and Nabox launched the “NULS August Twitter Giveaway”. Hosted by NULS, NerveNetwork, and Nabox there is four weekly prizes and two grand prizes.

◢ Community 


The voting for the contributors of the NULS community, second-quarter 2021, is complete. Congratulations to Andace and 游击手 (shortstop). Thank you! for your dedication and hard work in the development of the NULS community.


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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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