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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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All great things, start from small beginnings.

13 hours ago 2 minute read 0 comments NULS

Today we celebrate our birtyday as a company, it all started on September 27th 2017 NULS began it’s journey with it’s first step. Since then the team has taken huge strides to bring cutting edge technological products to customers & users from around...

Q3 2020 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Award

25 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NULS

Over the past 3 years, the NULS ecosystem has expanded greatly thanks to the help from our NULS community. It’s now time to vote for our biggest, most passionate contributors. In three years we’ve gone through our fair share of ups and downs. We woul...

NULS Ecosystem Decentralized Exchange NerveDEX Officially Launched

23 Sep 2020 6 minute read 1 comment NULS

Technological Progress 1. NTC has added the following web wallet functions for NerveNetwork: lowered threshold for staking, lowered threshold for adding and withdrawal for staking, and supporting batch operation for immediate staking. 2. NTC assisted...

NULS has Implemented Cross-Chain Asset Circulation with ETH Network

23 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NULS

Through the efforts of NTC members, NULS has now implemented cross-chain circulation between assets on the NULS and ETH network. Currently, the following functions have been implemented: 1.NULS, NRC20, heterogeneous cross-chain assets, NVT and other...

NerveNetwork has Implemented Cross-Chain Asset Circulation with ETH Network

23 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NULS

Through the efforts of NTC members, NerveNetwork has now implemented cross-chain circulation between assets on the NerveNetwork and ETH network. Users can exchange ENVT for NVT on NerveDex . Currently, the following functions have been implemented: 1...

Announcement: NerveNetwork V1.4.0 Upgrade

22 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NULS

Hello NerveNetwork community, Heterogeneous cross-chain is an important characteristic of the NerveNetwork. Hence, development progress, user experience and so on has been vital for a better cross-chain experience. Connecting the Nerve chain (includi...

RECAP - NULS x RampDefi AMA from 18 September

22 Sep 2020 11 minute read 0 comments NULS

Introduction RAMP DEFI focuses on unlocking liquid capital from staked digital assets, allowing users to “recycle” staked capital without giving up their staking rewards or capital appreciation potential. Using RAMP smart contracts, users collaterali...

RECAP - NULS x SatoshiClub AMA from 10 September

18 Sep 2020 17 minute read 0 comments NULS

People who invest in the future are realists. (с) Satoshi Club, as well as our guest today, are focused on the future. And we would like to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from NULS. The AMA took place on September 09 and our guest wa...

We're holding an AMA with @RampDefi right now

17 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NULS

We're live!! We're holding an AMA with @RampDefi right now, September 18th, 2020 at 12:00AM GMT +8 Join us NOW on #NULS Telegram Make sure to follow @Nuls & @RampDefi   #blockchain #Crypto #DeFi $NULS $RAMP

We're proud to share a new partnership with #Earhart

13 Sep 2020 4 minute read 0 comments NULS

Earhart — The Blockchain Adoption in Aviation Industry Earhart is excited to announce our partnership with NULS to deliver liquid staking for NULS token holders. NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-...


4 Potential Crypto Projects to Discover

9 May 2020 Chesatochi

11 May 2020
We have included you in our NULS Bi Monthly Report - Second Half of April, we have the article here in the publish0x. Thanks for your support.

NULS Story:How I Meet NULS (Recap)

9 May 2020 Danail Stefanov

09 May 2020
Good Work!! Thanks!

NULS Chain Factory: easy as Lego and Wordpress

9 May 2020 geocrypto

09 May 2020
Good work Renan! Thanks

4 Potential Crypto Projects to Discover

9 May 2020 Chesatochi

09 May 2020
Thanks for sharing your opinion!

NULS Chain Factory: fácil como Lego e Wordpress

8 May 2020 geocrypto

08 May 2020
Thanks Renan! Good Work.


6 May 2020 Danail Stefanov

06 May 2020
Thanks for share!

NULS Chain Factory AMA Recap

6 May 2020 Danail Stefanov

06 May 2020
Thanks for share!

NULS – Build a Blockchain Easily for your Company

29 Apr 2020 Chesatochi

29 April 2020
Good Article! Thanks for share your words.

Nulstar - A Tale of Evolution…

29 Apr 2020 NULS

29 April 2020
Thanks renan75!

Nerve Network

27 Apr 2020 geocrypto

27 April 2020
Thanks! Follow us:

NULS e Blockchain Fácil

5 Apr 2020 geocrypto

13 April 2020
Good Work! Thanks!

Brief explain about NULS

12 Apr 2020 geocrypto

13 April 2020
Good Work! Thanks

Nuls Products: POCM (Proof of Credit Mining)

18 Mar 2020 NULS

25 March 2020
Hi Rufus, NULS is a global block chain open source community project, which provides a customizable block chain infrastructure. It consists of a micro-kernel and functional modules. With innovative ideas on reducing the burden of main block chain and decoupling events and services, modularization on all NULS underlying operational components is architected and implemented. Thus, NULS is fully capable of providing functional mechanisms to conduct smart contracts, to integrate main chain and sub-chains, to yield cross-chain consensus and to reduce costs in development and operation in business applications.

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The 8 Bitcoin documentaries, everyone should watch at least once.

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When I first dived into the Cryptocurecy world it was pretty difficult to find good resources. Over the time I came across some really great documentaries that every crypto user should watch at least once. Hope you have plenty of popcorn and about si...

Cardano Staking Coming to Coinbase!

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This is the news that many people have been waiting for! During the second day of the Cardano virtual summit it was announced that you will be able to stake ADA at Coinbase.   This deal will allow Cardano users to deposit and also stake Cardano, all-...

Atomic Wallet: a Safe and Multifunctional Crypto Wallet 💰

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Introduction Hello all! I've been using Atomic Wallet for some time and months ago I wanted to make a publication about the stake rewards. Today we have the opportunity to write about and join the #AtomicWalletTutorial contest. That's nice, hand-at w...

Emurgo and former IOHK engineers to develop DeFi applications

9 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Kluma

  The developers of the Ergo blockchain platform and Emurgo announced a partnership to create corporation-oriented DeFi applications and stablecoins, according to a press release . As part of the partnership, the Ergo native token (ERG) is being in...

Did the Ethereum transaction go wrong? Find out how to solve it in this post 👎🏽💩

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In this post, we will deal with a problem that each of us may one day encounter in the universe of cryptocurrency, have a pending transaction in the network without predicting to be completed. This is tragic, even more so when you have little ethereu...

Simple guide for staking NULS + Airdrops 🛫🎁🚀

28 May 2020 3 minute read comments geocrypto

Hey guys! I am here today to explain the NULS stake, in the easy way possible about be it in larger or smaller amounts. And also take the opportunity to comment on the NULS airdrop that will be received at Nerve. First I will give some instructions t...

Guia simples para staking NULS + Airdrops 🛫🎁🚀

28 May 2020 3 minute read comments geocrypto

Olá pessoal! Estou aqui hoje para explicar de uma forma mais prática e fácil possível sobre o stake de NULS, seja em quantidade maiores ou menores. E aproveitar também para comentar sobre o airdrop de NULS que será recebido em Nerve. Primeiramente da...

Top 5 Publish0x Authors in My Vision

25 May 2020 1 minute read comments geocrypto

In a very simple way, I have this listo that I believe represents well my decision Below you will see which are the 3 best authors on publish0x from my perspective and why I choose.    1º - Entellus I like very much the perception and sensibility of...


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