NULS community briefing for Second Half of January in 2022

By NULS | Nuls | 2 Feb 2022

◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance


◢ Technical Progress:

1.Assisted NTC to complete the first phase of Nerve 2.0 development.

2. Supported SwapBox product at a fixed rate to swap and exchange, this feature is being tested and optimized.

3. Improved the NULS main net stability by updating it to v2.12.0.

4. Assisted NTC to complete the upgrade version of NerveNetwork v1.19.0. Added account lock/unlock features.


◢ SCO:

January 15th, NULS released the POCM staking APR chart. Staking NULS to get multiple tokens including NABOX, VNT, KTLYO, ACY, PMD, VNT, GMX and other assets. APR up to 71%.

Jan 17th, NULS collaborated with SCO partners, hosted the weekly Crypto Corner. In this week Crypto Corner, we discussed “The existing problems and the future of blockchain industry”

Jan 24, in this weekly Crypto Corner, NULS developer — Kathy invited Sly (from ParadoxRealms ), Michael (from CobaltLend ), Jon (from RYI Unity ) and our other SCO partners. We discussed “what are the essential factors that makes a great blockchain whitepaper”

Jan 31st, in this weekly Crypto Corner we invited our SCO partners and discussed “ how we solve blockchain problems and create new ones”

◢ Collaboration & Trading

Jan 16th, NULS western community director Berzeck published an article “Born to Defy — Deflationary model with inflationary multi-rewards”. This is a very detailed article that explains everything you need to know about the NULS POCM working mechanism.

Jan 17th, NULS SCO partners 8bit started the NEW WEEK — NEW HERO campaign. Limited versions of NFT images and NFT videos will be launched on multiple NFT trading platforms.

Jan 18th, Malicious attacks on NULS API and wallet service caused some assets loss. The NULS team announced on Twitter that emergency protections were taken to prevent more users’ assets from being hacked. If your account has suspicious activity, pls contact NULS on telegram via @Nulser.

Jan 18th, NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork released the latest version (v1.18.0). Added blocklist/Remove blocklist features.

Jan 19, NULS released the latest mainnet version (v2.11.0). Added blocklist/Remove blocklist features.

Jan 19th, NULS brazil official share an article in which explained us how to use NerveNetwork cross chain bridges and Nerve DEX.

Jan 20th, NULS announced that the verification tool was being developed. If your NULS account was locked, make sure to stay alert on NULS social media, we will keep updating this continuously.

Jan 24th, NULS ecosystem partner — NerveNetwork released an emergency alert, due the current security concerns that were detected. NerveNetwork locked several Nerve accounts with potential risks. If you found your Nerve account was locked, please contact NerveNetwork on telegram via @Nervego.

Jan 24th, NULS verification tool development completed, NULS account verification procedures officially began.

Jan 25th, NULS ecosystem partner — NerveNetwork released the latest version of Nerve mainnet(v1.19.0)With the following new features:

1. Added account security verification

2. Optimized staking mechanism and trading verification logic

3. Added status inquiry function on locked NULS account.

Jan 25th, NULS ecosystem partner, multichain wallet — Nabox integrated iSwap swapping routes and started a trading competition with up to 20,000,000 NABOX as rewards.

Event duration: Jan 25th — Feb 15th

Jan 27th, NULS released the latest main net version (v2.12.0) with the following new features. Added assistant transfer mechanism. Access in locked NULS account (transfer assets, initial transactions) through authorized operations.

Jan 28th, NULS Brazil ambassador Felipe made a video guide on how to use NULS Multi-signature. Check it out of you need it!

Jan 29th, NULS ecosystem partner — NerveNework released an announcement “Unlock your Nerve account”.

Jan 31st, NULS ecosystem partner, multichain wallet — Nabox started on LUNAR NEW YEAR twitter giveaway. There will be 2022 winner winning 9999 NABOX each. Join it and take your new year lucky pocket!

In the second half of January, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveBridge built crosschain bridges for FLOKI, CEL, ALT.


◢ Community Governance

Altcoin Sara, the cofounder of Cobaltlend(one of the NULS SCO partners) submitted a proposal “Social Media Promotors, NULS Staking Rewards”.

Proposal details:


The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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