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Hi everyone! It's Thursday blogging day again, well it is a blogging day for me most of the times, it's my day off so I have more than than usual, and the Splinterlands team has moved the Battle Mage Secrets challenge back to Thursday again, last two weeks it's launch was a little delayed and it started late on Friday for me, so I was able to spread out making the two main posts of the week, one on Thursday and one on Saturday, not this time! So a lot of work again, since one post takes me about 1 to 1.5 hours on average, including making the thumbnail.

So, as usual, welcome back to my Splinterlands Blog, where today I'll start making my Social Media Challenge post, it's the same as last weeks:

🔥 Share Your Most Remarkable Splinterlands Moments: Do you possess a battle of epic proportions that deserves to be seen by all? Have you crafted something extraordinary within the Splinterlands realm? Maybe you've got profound thoughts, insights, or strategies related to stats, cards, abilities, or gameplay that are waiting to be shared? We want it all, and we want it to be nothing short of AMAZING!

So it's pretty much a carte blanche, and I've found a cool thing to use this week I want to share!





"Adjacent units receive 1 less damage from attackers with Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity. Additionally, all units take half damage from ambushes as long as a Lookout Unit is on your team."

Units with lookout do not protect themselves against Sneak, Snipe, or Opportunity.

Remarkable Interactions

Units must be to the immediate right or left of lookout receive protection from sneak, snipe or opportunity.
If your team is the victim of an ambush attack, a unit with lookout will reduce damage for the entire team.
If an adjacent unit dies, the newly adjacent unit will gain protection from the lookout ability.
Lookout cannot be dispelled.
Lookout provides no protection against scattershot.
Lookout does not stack with lookout. If one unit is adjacent to two units with lookout, only 1 less damage will be applied.
Lookout does stack with shield & void.
Lookout can reduce damage taken to 0.

I've borrowed this piece of text from the Splinterlands Support page.



banner 001 (chaos legion).png



So, one specific ruleset I love to use this ability is the Target Practice ruleset, in which all monsters get the snipe ability, so all ranged and magic damage become snipe damage, and gets reduced by lookout, if the enemy monster does 1 damage only, lookout reduces this to 0 damage!
So when you put a high HP monster in the snipe position, lookout behind it, and a triage unit behind the lookout, you have a very nasty team in certain ruleset combinations!
I like to use this strategy with the Death team, using Usut or Djinn Muirat as the snipe catcher, and Demise Archon Faust as Lookout, or the Life team with Iziar as catcher and Thanalorian Archer as the Lookout, in both teams Spirit Hoarder is the Triage unit.



48K7DoLu3KEjPERCTqZBZG36Rx1U2g1v4MysFnv2b2W24rdyKeWxSRFERTqV2MGLUp.png The Battle I want to share for this post is a 40 mana Modern League Wands Out / Target Practice battle with only the Death and Fire splinter available to choose, since Death is way more capable with magic, the choice is easy, and I'm sure my opponent will go Death / Thaddius Brood too, I made my strategy around the Lookout / Triage team and I didn't focus on doing a lot of damage, my focus was sustaining my team and keeping Usut alive while slowly killing the other team...



First look at the battlefield:




Well I think my opponent would be better off by changing the first and second card in this ruleset, only two of his cards will do damage to Usut, and Spirit Hoarder will just heal the damage back to full health, I'll be okay!


My Line-Up:

  • Summoner: Thaddius Brood - reason: -1 magic damage.
  • First position: Djinn Muirat - reason: Void Armor.
  • Second position: Usut - reason: Mainly because of it's high HP.
  • Third position: Demise Archon Faust - reason: Lookout.
  • Fourth position: Scavo Technomancer - reason: Blast, since it was land on the second card it will damage three units.
  • Fifth position: Venari Bonesmith - reason: Poison.
  • Sixth position: Spirit Hoarder - reason: Triage, to heal Usut.


The Battle:




Round 1: As expected, 0 damage after a full turn to my team, while I'm slowly killing the other team, the poison didn't land just yet though...




Round 2: So my Djinn Muirat is the only unit that's slowly dying but it will take another 9 turns before my strategy will fail, I don't expect this battle to last that long, the first kill was already made on the other team and the rest of the team has low HP, this will be easy!




Round 3: Well the blast is speeding things up, three kills on this turn!




Round 4: The poison landed on the enemy Muirat and made a quick ending to the battle, a nice 1.26 SPS reward, great!

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.


That's it for this post, I hope you like my strategy and maybe it will help you in some situations, have fun and good luck out there!
I'll get another coffee and see what the Battle Mage Secrets challenge for this week is about...





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Thank you for reading!!!

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Have a great day!

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Sources: For my thumbnail I used a background from @golemoverlord, when you're not playing this game as a splinterlands player, you're missing out!
I made a post with more info about Golem Overlord here.




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