Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets: Up to Eleven (and some exciting Splinterlands talk)

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 2 Dec 2023

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Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well, it's weekend again, time to rest and relax, and spend time with the family, and to write Splinterlands blogs! 😁




It's still freezing outside so I'm good, in front of my PC with a mug of coffee, today it's time for my second post of this week, the Battle Mage Secrets challenge requires us to make a post about a battle with the Up to Eleven ruleset, where basically all monsters get the amplify ability, so be careful for Spell Reflect, Thorns and Return Fire!
On my level (max Silver) I need to watch out the most for thorns, the rest I don't see used a lot, but first, before we dive into the battle and the usual Battle Mage Secrets blogging things, I need to write a little about the exciting time it is for Splinterlands!


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It's exciting to be in Splinterlands again!!

And boy that took a long time, speaking for myself, I joined in August 2021 when things started to get crazy and unsustainable rewards were given out, I jumped in with funds I earned from another web3 game, and not long after, started a second account to be able to play ranked battles back 2 back without having to wait for an opponent every time, things blew up and I was making some nice profits, earning DEC and nice cards, I remember Djinn Oshannus costed around $48 for a single BCX!
Then the bots came and Splinterlands started bleeding, adjustments had to be made and earnings got nerfed big time, when Bitcoin started to fall after the new All Time High I saw my account value and earnings dropping more and more, good thing the game remained a lot of fun to play, so I just kept grinding, managing my guild and trying to build my deck, players started to leave and the cold of the crypto winter was felt by everyone, and it was a long one!
Bitcoin found its bottom at around 15K and started to climb, but Splinterlands assets just kept falling.
More changes came and Matt took over as the only CEO for the Splinterlands Company, a great move in my opinion!

Slowly, the temperature in the Splinterlands Ecosystem was rising, Rebellion Pre-Sale almost sold out, Land 1.5 has finally launched and the DEC/SPS flywheel has been activated it seems!

I'm no expert in Technical Analysis but I have learned to read charts and understand price action in my time in crypto, the SPS chart is looking good again with a 70% pump since the bottom! It will be ok to retest the 0.018 level before we climb up, making a higher low.




I see myself as a smaller Splinterlands player, competing in Silver, I already owned 1 land plot and with the launch, I bought another so I will be able to produce grain and research the Secret of Praetoria, but since I do not have the funds to get a lot of Time Crystals to speed up my work sites, I need to have some patience 🙃





Back to the Battlemage Secrets part!


The battle I want to share for this post is a Brawl battle, so three rulesets! 48 mana, Weak Magic / Up to Eleven / Are you not Entertained with the Water and Life splinters locked out, so two Gladiators allowed with this mana cap, you can definitely expect some firework here! The most obvious tank to use in this ruleset would be Djinn Chwala, amplified thorns, protected from magic, but I had the two Gladiators I wanted to use in mind already, so I went for the green team, in hindsight, maybe it would've been even better to go Dragon / Earth with Chwala as my tank, but it went well anyway so that's fine.


First look at the battlefield:




No Chwala! so that's nice! it was a bit of a gamble with this ruleset to put Grund as my tank, the opportunity will take out my martyr cards when my taunt is killed, but the enemy team is doing some serious damage every turn, this is going to be a interesting fight!



My Line-Up:

  • Summoner: Obsidian - reason: +1 Magic to boost Quora and get the Bloodlust going.
  • First position: Grund - reason: Good damage, Double Strike to kill the enemy tank A.S.A.P.
  • Second position: Fungus Flinger - reason: Martyr, to boost Grund and Quora.
  • Third position: Quora - reason: she's OP for sure, no more explanation needed lol.
  • Fourth position: Venari Marksrat - reason: Martyr, to boost Katrelba and Quora.
  • Fifth position: Katrelba Gobson - reason: Double Strike with Bloodlust, sweet!
  • Sixth position: Mycelic Slipspawn - reason: Taunt to to the heat off Grund.



The Battle:




Round 1: My team took some heavy hits and my Taunt died, Grund dodged 1 attack so that was nice.




Round 2: Lots of damage on both sides now as my Bloodlust monsters are gearing up, the sole enemy Bloodlust monster is killed already, Quora is nearing the point of no return, the point where she pretty much gets unstoppable, fast and evasive, self healing while doing tremendous damage, Katrelba will probably get killed soon.




Round 3: Three against one now, but that's fine! one hit, one kill now, with more speed and damage as a result! I really don't understand why guilds ban other cards than Quora in brawls.




Round 4: And it is decided! Countess Sinash is unable to fire from the first position, waiting to get slaughtered by Quora!

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.


That's it for this week, I hope to see you on my next post, time to get my coffee refilled and put in some more ranked battles now the new season just started.


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Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

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Sources: For my thumbnail I used a background from @golemoverlord, when you're not playing this game as a splinterlands player, you're missing out!
I made a post with more info about Golem Overlord here.

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