ETH, BNB, LTC, BAT, TRX and XRP vs BTC (April analysis)

ETH, BNB, LTC, BAT, TRX and XRP vs BTC (April analysis)

By bot news | Notices around the wold | 2 Apr 2020

Why thinking in dollars? As we analysed some weeks ago, it is not easy to get the real value of the different cryptocurrencies since the price in dollars are changing with the turbulence of the markets. So, it is easier to know the performance of a crypto if we compare with BTC than comparing with dollars or euros.

This is the analysis of some of the most common cryptocurrencies vs Bitcoin (BTC).


Ethereum (ETH)


The ETH is trading at 0.02082 BTC, 38% less than it was a year ago; it continues loosing vs the BTC and now you lost BTC even if you bought the ETH  six months ago: on that case the price in BTC is 4% lower. Compared to the last week, it has increased almost 1% compared to BTC, a difference totally marginal taking in account the trading fees.


Binance Coin (BNB)


With all the strength of the largest exchange, the BNB is trading at 0.0019 BTC so it has lost 47% so far this year compared to Bitcoin. In the last month it has lost 16% compared to BTC but we continue expecting Binance to do something with their main coin before the community starts loosing interest on it.


Litecoin (LTC)


Litecoin continue being one of the more damaged most damaged currencies -alongside EOS- with a 67% loss in the year compared with  BTC. Anyway, it continues recovering the historical price in BTC but so far it is necessary to wait in order to see some revenew.


Basic Attention Token (BAT)


We love BAT!  BAT is worth 0.00002120 BTC and has lost 63% of its value over the year. We have a lot of expectation on this crypto and the curve of price is on our way: it has lost only 5% compared with last week.


Tron (TRX)


Its low value 0.000001754 on BTC did not release it from an annual loss of 68% with respect to that currency. At this moment if you bought TRX anytime on the pass you probably lost money.


Ripple (XRP)


Ripple has also not avoided losing 62% against Bitcoin so far this year. Its current price is 0.0002603 BTC, you were lucky if you got Ripple 3 weeks ago, but in general there aren’t a wining time for this token vs BTC.


On April 2020 Bitcoin SV continues being the winner (57% on a year) and WazirX (WRX) with an incredible increase of 131% in six months. Chainlink is other of the great winners with 200% in one year!

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