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‘To every solution is a problem’. Yeah, I know that sounds like a trick to your mind. The global design is an imperfect one, most of our activities are geared towards fixing these imperfections. Our quest for a perfect world has birthed so many solutions, unfortunately and like I said earlier, these solutions have been met with a couple of problems.

From the global governance system to the steam engines; every notable human solution to an imperfect condition has shown its own imperfections. Our world has been plunged into chaos; an ENTROPY evident in every aspect of our life.

This uproar spreads across every aspect of mankind, you can write endless stories about political chaos and revolts from interest organizations and communities, but the tech world is not left out of this chaos.

On December 14, 2020; tech giants – Google experienced over an hour of service outage. Spanning across most related applications, this runtime issue crippled popular applications such as Gmail, YouTube and Google drive. You’d write off YouTube as ‘just a streaming service’ but a one-hour outage of the biggest electronic mail and electronic file storage services is unarguably a disaster to businesses and most internet service users. In just a minute, many things could go wrong. According to a study by the IHS, enterprises record an annualized loss of over $700 billion due to internet service disruption.

The internet is under construction and always in chaos, annual losses by enterprises is a very poor measurement of the internet’s entropy – in reality it is way bigger.

Internet service disruptions occur periodically, for many internet users, this is a lesser issue. Regular dips in the quality of service is an even bigger issue, but a sluggish internet is the least issue an internet user has to worry about. In today’s internet, safety and confidentiality of personal data is always hanging on a thin thread. Intentionally or unintentionally, personal information are leaked from an internet platform. Social media platforms are caught in this most times but other platforms such as flight booking services, e-commerce platforms…almost every internet platform are vulnerable to data breaches.

Data breaches, slow internet, service interruptions; the internet is in a state of entropy. Current attempts are geared towards patching the internet and managing these issues.

We’ve written a number of articles about NOIA network – the blockchain project offering complete solutions to the internet’s issues. In case you missed them, you can catch up HereHere and Here.

In a very exciting development, NOIA network is rebranding! The rebrand includes a name change From NOIA network to SYNTROPY.


Syntropy works with the strengths of the existing internet while removing bottlenecks, incorporating security and optimization by default, and enabling greater scalability potential for future technologies and applications — all powered by the NOIA token.

According to the CEO and Co-founder, Domas Povilauskas:

Syntropy is not only the symbol of unity and change, but it represents a hidden force always bringing chaos into divine order and balance. It is everything I believe in as a human being.

The rebrand to Syntropy represents a full dive into proffering solutions to the biggest issues of the internet. What started as a content sharing network has metamorphosized into the most exciting project in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the internet.

Syntropy (formerly NOIA network) has partnered with prestigious big-tech companies to fast-track its progress and engineer the spread of its solutions to the general public. In a very torrid year, the project has made amazing moves, earning itself a place amongst the gems in crypto and technology as a whole.

The journey begins, the start of amazing things, a full transition. Journeying into this time, Syntropy has equipped itself with the best tools and the best personnel.

The internet it envisions is Syntropic. That doesn’t require a complete replacement. A technology compatible with the current internet infrastructure and its protocols, but it introduces global intelligence, connecting users and devices into a harmonious network that efficiently uses the underlying infrastructure. It removes bottlenecks and limitations of the existing system, ensures security and optimization by default, and unlocks greater scalability potential for future technologies and applications.

Syntropy's unifying layer enables a diverse ecosystem of applications that ensures integration into all other key technology systems. Its native digital asset allows this ecosystem to create its own decentralized economy, one supported by tens of thousands of community members running node infrastructure, with developers incentivized to deliver applications and software on top of syntropy network.

After a very impressive pre-launch, Syntropy is set to launch on January 5.

We are about to witness a better way of using the internet, a better way of living in our developed world, a better way to build on the internet and as well; a faster way to do all these things! Welcome to Dream Land!


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Syntropy is revolutionizing the internet with innovative routing technology which speeds up the internet and fortifies data security.

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