Analyzing series of results from NOIA’s pre-launch network.

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Hey there! I got news…an interesting one. Everyone loves a good gist, just as everyone loves a good internet. Well, if that’s the case, then this is going to be two of the best things you love! Alright, welcome!

Couple of weeks ago, NOIA – the blockchain project set to change the way we look at the internet forever! Announced the release of the pre-launch of their network in preparation for the final release. With over 150 (one hundred and fifty) internet service providers from over 500 locations added as part of the pre-launch, NOIA network set off in a very flamboyant manner.

The pre-launch network is a test network of the main network set be released soon. It is a tool to test ‘most’ infrastructures which will be featured on the main network and improve the main network as much as possible. Via the pre-launched network, NOIA gains the ability to monitor and analyze the performance of public internet and route internet traffic through every possible path between the global cloud network. With thousands of nodes running on the network and over a hundred competent internet service providers, the pre-launched network offers clear and resourceful insights to the NOIA team and facilitate the development of the main network.

Right! Weeks later and after series of thorough testing, results are rolling in! you guessed it right, they are breathtaking.

Spoiler alert: NOIA’s technology have been found to improve even the fastest internet routes! Amazing? Yes, of course! Let’s move to the details!

NOIA prelaunch test result2.jpg

The picture above depicts two travel routes for a data packet sent from Vancouver, USA en route to Amsterdam, Holland. These packets were sent in 311.64ms using the public internet, however using NOIA’s technology an astonishing increase in speed and reduction in the time taken to send the packet was noticed. 134.53 Milliseconds! That’s over 2 times faster and a 56% increase in speed. For simplicity, if NOIA’s technology was used to send this data packets, they would have travelled two times faster and with more data security.

To secure data sent over its infrastructure, NOIA nodes automatically creates a public/private key pair in order to connect to another DARP node for later participation in a secure mesh network. These keys are propagated across the secure mesh thus enabling applications to dynamically create ad hoc VPNs and secure channels using these propagated public keys. This concept endows data with blockchain level encryption security.

NOIA prelaunch test result.jpg

Expanding the results, the image above gives more examples of internet traffic optimization using NOIA’s technology. At least a 26% reduction in data traffic time was recorded. Note these are normally ‘fast’ internet. A data packet transfer within Amazon Web Service network is normally a superfast transfer. Despite being regarded as ‘fast’, NOIA’s technology further improves this transfer by an impressive 26%.


And if you wonder how much a one millisecond reduction in data traffic could mean…

Milisecond revenue.jpg

That’s about $4 million per millisecond! NOIA saves hundreds of milliseconds in data traffic time if its infrastructure is used. This optimization comes in handy for every internet traffic user and NOIA gives you the control over your internet.

Wonder how NOIA does this? Click Here

Moving in deeper, below are results from more pre-launch network results:

NOIA ping.jpg

The Pre-launch network is a preamble to the main network. With the full network launch, these results will get even better. NOIA’s technology is capable of improving data speed and the internet speed over twenty times the normal speed. Pre-launch tests were performed using very fast internet, yet NOIA makes them way faster!


What does this even mean?


If NOIA makes improves the internet so much, it makes a very clear statement. However, this could mean more to an internet user.
For Gamers: The Gaming industry is a very fast growing sector, with millions of people using online gaming facilities every second, the internet is a very important tool for the gaming industry. Every gamer and game producer knows the real worth of a fast internet. A reduction in data travel time means a reduction in internet latency. Gamers from different locations are connected to each other via the internet serves and these serves continuously communicate with each other. NOIA furnishes this machine-to machine communication and improves its speed. Remember throwing your gaming pads on the floor because you lost a game due to internet lags? You can say goodbye to these horrible experiences with NOIA!

For business owners: Every time the internet lags, every time the internet latency increases by the tinniest Millisecond, someone loses a whole lot of money. Internet service providers, cloud service providers, IT entrepreneurs, startups, anyone using the internet for their business…just name it! Annual losses due to internet latency issues culminates into billions of dollars. NOIA’s technology could save these billions by reducing this latency or getting rid of them totally as the case may be.

For you: When you clicked this article to read it, it probably took some seconds to load this page properly. It could have taken even more if I stuffed more images into it or if I wrote more words than this. Depending on how long your internet takes to load resources from the web, your internet experience could vary. Remember cutting a loading page and furiously abandoning a registration process half way because ‘it was slow’? yes, that could have never happened if the latency period was reduced. NOIA fixes most issues the internet faces today and we have seen that play out clearly with the pre-launch network.

Moving further…

NOIA is already working with the most reputable firms in working on the internet, it will continue working closely with these firms to ensure its proper development.

Stay tuned!


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