What makes Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

By Mabla | nick07 | 4 Jun 2020

Bitcoin is the oldest currency and it was brought on the planet in 2009. Its cost was $0.02 but now its price is over $9000 and it once reached $20,000 in the late 2017, but it later fell for different reasons and now it seems to be struggling to get to that highest mark it set  though its slowly moving up bit by bit.

Bitcoin Cash

In 2017 a hard fork happened o the split and Bitcoin Cash was created and it had a supply limit of 21 million coins, currently 18 million coins are in circulation. It has a market capitalization of $4.6 billion and on daily basis its transaction turnover is $3.9billion. It processes more transactions at once and at a fast rate as a result of its increase in block sizes.



Features of Bitcoin Cash

  • Reliable
  • Lightning payment speed
  • Low fees

Features of Bitcoin

  • Higher fees
  • slow transaction processing
  • Vulnerable

Online stores are now slowly adopting the crypto coins as payment methods, but for them to pick one they consider certain factors.

Transactions Fees - Since it is costly to transact with bitcoin businesses will likely incur extra cost on bitcoin which will force them to pass the cost to end consumers by increasing their prices. So Bitcoin Cash is a winner on this factor

Transaction Speed - Speed is another factor considered, imagine you make a payment and then you are told we can not process you goods or services yet since your transaction is not yet confirmed on the blockchain network. So bitcoin cash has an advantage here as it processes fast than bitcoin.

Vulnerable - Since bitcoin is widely known all over as it is the parent coin, the probability of it being sabotaged is higher

So considering the facts above bitcoin cash is the best coin for business.


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