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By Chubbie149 | NFTs of Hive | 27 Jan 2022


Splinterlands has to be my favorite game, that's out of every video game including traditional non blockchain titles, which to be honest I haven't played a normal game in a year or so.
What other game can make you rich for not much money Splinterlands is truly amazing. Currently my colection has 2 gold legendary cards in it.
I have owned 7 Legendary gold cards all together all obtained via packs with potions.
I have been persistently attempting to find another legendary gold card since the general sale started.
Still any legendary is a welcome addition.
The key is persistence & moderation dont spend everything its still just a game.
These of course are just the positive results I have had lately, you wont get legendary or even gold cards every time even with potions.
Its all about increasing your odds by increasing the frequency you can open a pack. Since Potions & airdropped cards are a factor you really can start tilting things in your favor.
Since the airdropped cards get added to packs after they are airdropped, Each Airdrop card increases the odds of profiting.
Thus opening a pack now has better odds of seeing a legendary then when the general sale started.

So how does this help a Blockchain Gamer on a budget, it doesn't yet but I have some suggestions.
On secondary markets on both HIVE & WAX the Chaos legion pack price fluctuates. Making between $0.32 - $0.50or more in profit I have been buying from HIVE & selling on WAX. Having sold a few hundred packs that really starts to add up.
I Intentionally sell more when the WAX price is down so as it rallies my profit increases.
This is a gamble on my part but its easier for me to read this market due to knowledge of launches updates & so on of the various WAX NFT collections.
Those wishing not to roll their funds into what effectively is the markets whim, you can supplement Splinterlands with other HIVE side hustles.

Over the course of a little over a year Splinterlands has made me thousands of dollars this NFT colection to me is pure profit. They still have the SPS daily airdrop going on rewards from daily challenges tournaments guild brawls & more.

You have to be in the game in order to profit effectively you can join with my referral link belowπŸ‘‡ you will need $10 for a spell book but its more then worth it.

Rising Star

Haven't name dropped this free HIVE play to earn game in quite a while, Rising Star my first thought when you ask for supplemental side hustles.
I have been playing over a year now I earn around 1,500 STARBITS a day.

Given the fact its free on HIVE & fairly easily played Rising Star is a number one recommendation for Side hustles to roll into Splinterlands.
Lets do an unboxing
Not bad not great but it grows my ever expanding NFT inventory.

Given STARBITS appear to be headed for the moon
You really have no excuse to not check it out, Please check out this epic free HIVE play to earn & begin your rise to stardom Via my referral link belowπŸ‘‡.

HIVE blogs

HIVE based blogs being a cut above their competitors I suggest you familiarize yourself with all the blogs & passive earning options on HIVE.
Given HIVEs complex nature I cant possibly compress everything here. So for starters Posting commenting, re-blogging, & up / downvoting all are monetized on HIVE.

Some of my favorite blogs (tribes) based on the HIVE blockchain include.

Proof of Brain
Leo Finance

While this isn't even a fraction of the full power of HIVE its a good list for new users to check out.
To me HIVE embodies the idea of elevating one another as appose to tearing each other down. A mentality of I succeed when you succeed, this has allowed for miraculous collaborative efforts that make up the HIVE blockchain.

I implore you check out delegation & curation as they make up a good % of my daily HIVE income.
To that end look into the Oneup cartel
The drive of the Oneup cartel is Blockchain gamification post curation πŸ‘†. This is a fairly advanced topic which you will have to research yourself further. However delegating your staked HIVE alts to certain accounts that have corresponding curations can generate a daily ROI.
As I stated this can be rather difficult for new users to fully grasp & has inherit risks especially when done incorrectly.
This is a nice daily ROI which may help to alleviate costs when Splinterlands & other HIVE games / NFTs are concerned.

HIVE Crypto Side hustles

Weather its Liquidity pools or Coins which have added benefits to staking or ownership HIVE excels with the versatility of its crypto. Many HIVE exchanges exist a few of my favorites include...
My current favorite Bee swap

Both Tribal Dex & Beeswap have good liquidity pool options (more on those later).
Hive Engine is currently under maintenance

On these exchanges you will find a myriad of Different HIVE cryptocurrencies.

Some of note

All of these including to many other HIVE cryptocurrencies to list pay holders or stakers of them on a regular basis.

Providing Liquidity is higher risk but higher reward as well.
Temporary loss is a real hazard of liquidity pools
Temporary loss definition
The vast array of HIVE liquidity pools with rewards are ever expanding & they have a fairly solid ROI.
Pools such as the SPS DEC liquidity pool & DEC HIVE liquidity pool give you double the SPS airdrop points the DEC you provided normally would.
You can find the pools here πŸ‘‡ & you provide liquidity using the funds in your HIVE account wallet.

HIVE directly rewards those that understand it read everything that you can find about HIVE & its various projects knowledge is profit on HIVE.

WAX side hustles

Just a quick run down of the free games on WAX that can be used to increase your portfolio & thus be rolled into Splinterlands
The rest require investments to play other then Galactic 123 which ill cover next as I have more news about it. I came across this bare bones site that has a good list of WAX games & they give out NFT airdrops like I do over twitter & via Email.
I cant tell you how long WAX has needed a news site like this + they give out free NFTs cant beat that.

Galactic 123

Found a new planet to check out Coordinates (15,15), this frozen planet has a Mine on it.

When walking through the mine you find theseπŸ‘† crystals shown above.
Each crystal contains 500 Units the in game currency used to buy NFTs or even trade it for crypto.
Galactic 123 is a space fairing donjon crawler RPG on the WAX blockchain with crypto rewards on TRX (Tron).
Hell this πŸ‘‡ is straight up crypto I found in the mine.
Anyone a fan of PokΓ©mon or jrpgs will love this free play to earn I'm straight addicted please consider signing up using my referral
link below πŸ‘‡.

Dont break the bank

One thing I never want anyone to do is invest everything they have into any investment no matter how good it may seem investments are always a risk.

This is why I have done so well, drawing a line, I tend to just pay for Blockchain side hustles with revenue from other blockchain ventures.

I work a back breaking job as a construction worker I understand how valuable a dollar can be. Just because my story is that of success keep in mind it was a slow steady journey that only recently started to be profitable.

Keep at it but dont invest everything you have its not prudent & will likely end badly.

The reason I give out airdrops is to give others a chance I understand how difficult investing may sometimes seem.
With Persistence & Patience you eventually build something grand.

WAX News

This is simply NFT Colection Updates investors on WAX blockchain should be aware of.
First off WAX news πŸ‘† is a new site you should check out & show your support by signing up.

Zombie Coin Miner the little NFT colection that could starts its land plot sale soon.


Atomic Hub went through a massive site redesign recently
Nefty Blocks now facilitates NFT creation entirely through their site.
This means its a different staff in charge of white listing Atomic Hubs Pink Whitelisting was unfair & short sighted. On Nefty Blocks you can Stake NEFTY to your new colection giving you better chance of White listing.

Nefty Blocks allows you to mint packs, set drops, advertise, set payment preference, Set whitelisting requirements for purchase, create blends, & create super blends.

Now that Nefty Blocks gives you the NFT minting & white listing options its the whole package. Add to that the NEFTY staking rewards for NFT sales & it becomes clearly the best NFT minting option in all of blockchain.

Airdrops how to

WAX NFT airdrops via URL I give out 12 NFTs with every post first on HIVE then PublishOx Finally Torum you will find the 3 airdrops easiest through HIVE I leave PublishOx & Torum links in the comments of the HIVE post.

Easy as 1 2 3


I keep everything random giving you the best odds all 3 are airdropped on the same day in the order specified at random.

You may join all three through these links

WAX NFT airdrop URL 2nd of 3


All 3 airdrops have 2 packs & the same 2 additional NFTs. Please let other readers know the airdrop has been claimed via comments.


You can find my over 1900 NFTS on WAX here

My twitter

I try to post all airdrop links on twitter as well as HIVE if you want to help support future airdrops Re-blog
upvote subscribe please it really helps.

All my accounts below are monetized & I appreciate Crypto or NFT donations on the following


All donations go toward making airdrops bigger & better Thank you all your support keeps all this going.


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