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By Chubbie149 | NFTs of Hive | 24 Apr 2021

Like every post i do this one has an NFT airdrop,  Apparently I may have a extremely rare NFT even by my standards, since currently my price of 50,000 is still the lowest ill smoke some Blue dream and attempt to convince you the reader as well as my self that something like this could be possible.

 I sold a NFT for $366 & splinterlands gave me a land plot.

For starters high priced NFTs are nothing new to me I just never thought I would be the lucky one to claim ownership.

Is my new NFT worth more than a brand new car, simple answer no right? While you're not wrong this particular NFT has thrown me a curve ball, I have never encounter much less owned an NFT this rare, only hearing about certain NFTs like certain Art projects or a crypto Kitty. Since I am realistic I always assume that the price was going to rapidly decrease as the number of available NFTs of this type basic supply & demand. While yes the collection has slightly decreased in value since yesterday the number of this particular NFT Template has remained at 8. Once I woke up to find that my price of $50,000 USD was still the lowest listed on the market. Not only that but even with the only prices being 5 to 6 figures the other 5 owners have yet to list theirs.

No reasonable person would keep a NFT that is worth even a 1/4 my listing price($12,500), that is a lot lot of money in my area This I am uncertain about how something like this could even happen.

This is why I decided to check out the odds for finding something like this NFT in Exit Limbo, beyond that how many packs are opened if possible how many of these NFTs can be found total.

First off I was able to ascertain the actual Classification of this NFT while yes it is Mythic rarity as I stated yesterday, however I have found that the NFT is actually a song from a album called meat head and what is on the title card or larger below is the Musicians seal of authenticity.
The name of the exact song is (Rail Yard Turf) by Metahead credits Giovanni Cantele, Dario Casillo, Filippo Mussini

Now that I have established the class of the NFT I was able to learn quite a bit about the market for this collection and finally found a sale of a similar NFT album similar but slightly less rare with a total of 12 and 1 sold for $500.

I also finally established rarity and the odds of getting a Music NFT from the Exit Limbo collection is either a 1.25% chance in every pack of 15 count Exit Limbo NFTs. In the 30 pack of Exit Limbo NFTs it's a little bit better odds with a 2.5% chance

610 out of 1,050 30 count packs have been burned or opened, the 15 count packs has had 839 out of 1,550 burned so with a little less than half of all the packs left unopened. And only 21 of the music NFTs all together have been found 13 of which are the Transformer type

Mine is the less common type with a total of 8 in circulation, judging by the sales records of the more common Transformer type, and the overall rarity combined with the popularity of the Exit Limbo collection I believe I have enough information to guess the price range. Assuming of course worse case scenario and they double in the total Number circulating I'll Hazzard a guess the lower price point should be around $300 the higher price point is still difficult to determine.

Given that the maximum supply is information not yet available I will have to make a educated guess from what I have witnessed in the NFT market and how unique an asset like a song NFT is. This isn't the first example of a Song NFT the Album by Justin Blau sold for $11.6 million at the time the most expensive NFT sale on record this record was actually just broken for most expensive NFT ever sold by the artist Beeple that sold their digital Art piece for $69,000,000.

Couple of things that are not quite as good for my NFT price, 1st being this is a single song not an album, the second being the sales mentioned above took place on the ETH network. So if you take the $5,000,000 in gas into account its a little less impressive.

This being said I am actually not the only user on WAX with a Exit Limbo Music NFT that has a price over $10,000 USD. In fact in the more common classification of the two the cheapest market price is $566.

Honestly I am probably going to be listing it at $5,000 USD, and I'm so excited to have ever had something this rare.

The very first time I had to find a way to price something that was literally one of the most expensive NFTs on the market & I own It.

This is a song from a game soundtrack The game still in alpha phase is a steam game looking to integrate into WAX NFTs Selling WAX NFTs that are still in development but are still valued on WAX. Though the project is far from complete the NFT collection is very popular the NFT packs are nearly triple the price they where released at out of these packs the Art NFTs are the rarest with a 1% chance to get 1 of only 20 that where ever made each of which corresponds tp a single track. Meaning this already rare NFT is 100% 1 of a kind and as such the value is something nearly impossible to determine. NFTs open a world of possibility to musicians taking back some of the revenue lost to the internet currently. This is actually a good idea for any musician I dont have all the information but this is worth looking into if your a musical artist the following url may help


Collect social hits main page for wax dapps

The first social nft collection completion site is moving forward with their project quite quickly just signing in daily can earn you crypt or nfts and completing nft collections roadmap is expanding their Dapp has free NFT assets that sell for 100s of dollars all earned by collecting NFTs and logging in I already sold $20 USD worth of rewards

Alien worlds a WAX game that's free generates NFTs that can be used in collect social making this 100% free


Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop url for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. Contains both white listed and non whitelisted NFTs some may be cannabis themed, 5 NFTs total if you receive less then 5 if your the lucky reader that claimed the airdrop change whitelist settings.


Please let others know the link has been claimed in the comments it helps


If you want to purchase any of my thousands of NFTs they can be found here including Splinterlansd, the new alien horrors, Bitboy comics, legends of NFT, & Exit Limbo.

Or if your still not profiting from this free hive game might want to start

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