Chaos legion 3 gold card airdrop(s) & overview of Splinterlands Chaos Legion cards

By Chubbie149 | NFTs of Hive | 11 Dec 2021


Splinterlands just changed the world launching Chaos legion cards a few days back. Stellar rollout showcasing the talent behind this play to earn game. Flawless precise the Chaos Legion packs opened exactly when advertised. I will be sharing my best pack unboxings today highlight some of the new heavy hitters in the Chaos legion. Capping it all off with 3 Gold card airdrop(s) from the brand new Chaos legion.


This is my most important info newer users may not know. With over 91 new cards 182 total counting gold it can be tough knowing where to start.

One word (summoners)
The foundation of a players deck their build if you will is the Summoner. Once in higher ranks like Gold or higher you truly need a high level summoner.

Without a High level summoner you cards stay capped regardless of current league tier. The new summoners have 4 standouts that are simply superior & thus a better purchase.
Not going to say what price that's more a you type decision, but what I will say is those 4 are the best summoners from the chaos legion.
Particularly Obsidian is something special as now Earth has a summoner buffing casting (magic attacks).
Something Earth may now have the monopoly on if my guess is correct.

Cant wait tell I have summoners at level 10 I own instead of rent at 300 DEC a day that adds up its worth the price to own one for that alone.

Not that into games rent high level summoners out earn DEC & still generate SPS win win.

Reward card dip

Many of the older cards especially reward cards have rapidly decreased in price with the new Chaos legion cards being the markets focus.

Good time to stock up on NFTs that where selling for almost double not so long ago.
Demented Shark for instance solid card & its burn value starts at 500 on the gold version. Just because the markets sick of them now doesn't mean it stays at these lower prices.


23 packs down & I have this to show for it





Not all great but I'm happy with 5 Legendary cards from 20 packs + potions.

Chaos Pack presale phase 2

Based on the number of packs sold in phase 2, The public sale may only be a week away.

Possibly a misinterpretation on my part, however I believe its once either 4,000,000 packs are sold or January 17th. Given in day 1 nearly a million where sold just over 1 million all together since the first presale.

These stats tell me much about demand & colterol in the Splinterlands Chaos legion pack market.

My approximation is a little under 2 weeks before the required number of packs are sold.

Given the total number of packs by April 2022 all chaos packs should be sold off the in game market.

Airdrop cards

The Airdrop cards ensure incentive throughout the Chaos legions sale. Having purchased & opened over 1,000 Untamed packs + just shy of 800 DICE packs these airdropped cards are a big deal I assure you.

Look at a few rewards in the untamed pack colection for an idea as to what prices you may expect in the future Airdropped cards.
Though you likely get non golden versions if any at all, this as well as a number of other reasons is why you buy as many packs as possible.

Ignoring the $20,000 in profit I have made via the cards being sold from buying & opening that many packs both DICE - UNTAMED packs.

There are still rewards (airdropped) cards from my DICE packs
worth nearly $10,000.

Not everyone will be as patient or lucky as me necessarily but the Splinterlands RNG gods seem to like me as I have owned & sold 5 legendary gold cards + countless epic ones.

I sold very low in my past its one of my biggest regrets, try to learn from my mistakes look before you leap. Little patience & a year latter you will be as confused as I am thinking about where all this money came from.... From one place Splinterlands.ūü§Ď


Patience steady on dont spend anything cant afford to loose treat it like a game.

New Strategy

Now is the time new users can utilize our experience against us seasoned players. As I eluded to earlier Earth May now be the best Element or splinter. To make things even more skewed in new players favor cards they let users temporarily use have changed.

This means new players wouldn't be at the typical disadvantage
in addition to that. They may even be at an advantage not attempting to replicate their older playing habits.

Experience can be a double edged sword normalcy makes you complacent new users have an advantage for the first time in ever.

Good cards of Note

A few days into the Chaos legion cards I have noticed some stand outs with insane stats or abilities to look out for.
The Grund with double strike
Literally all these commons, though for the most part the Chaos legion cards are better when used correctly.
See there are now new Legendary cards for each Splinter or element with a mana requirement of 0.
This ūüĎÜ little chicken also with 0 mana required use to be our only option & this time last year sold for around $0.50 USD. Now the Furious Chicken sells for 50x that because while week these 0 mana cards are useful.


The best card is the doctor blight fixed in number is sure to be very valuable in the future.

Guild brawls

Guild brawls are still one of my favorite Splinterlands Game mechanics Gladius cases add yet another layer to the game.


Utilizing different potions for the guild brawls Gladius cases my guild isn't able to purchase them yet making the epic cards & legendary cards very rare.

Guild brawls may eventually be monetized but gladius cases & the Gladiators are still a real treat, the burn value adds to account power & SPS airdrop points.



Colection is taking shape with 18 types of cards thus far + 1 gold.
Again I cant trade or sell but burning is allowed meaning these have real tangible value & a legendary gold card while unlikely is possible.
You want to be a serious player find a guild your missing so much without one.

Bigger pack launch better deals

Part of what I do when investing in blockchain games is look at games or NFT collections like a venture capitalist. Investing not in what the market deems popular but what I can see talent in.

To me Splinterlands has never been a bad investment quite the opposite a year ago no one heard of them but once I played the game I could tell it was something special.

Because of this history with Splinterlands & blockchain games in general I know the Chaos legion pack roll out could not have been easy.

The level of professionalism, talent, & determination of the Splinterlands Dev teams are the only reason issues did not occur.

With over $50,000 in multiple blockchain games NFT collections on various blockchains I know the problems NFT creators & Blockchain game developers face.

Basically writing the book while they go Splinterlands having been operational Since 2017 I think or there about has experience in an industry with none.

Splinterlands is something unparalleled some come close but have no where near the skillset or talent as Blockchain Game integration specialist is a non existent job market.

Not something they teach but simply something only experience teaches, Splinterlands is one project with enough experience past & present to ensure this quality consistently.

I'm in awe of your skills Thanks to everyone behind Splinterlands.


3 WAX airdrops
easy as 1,2,3
1st HIVE
2nd PublishOx
3rd Torum
I stagger the posts keeping it random for best results check the comments of HIVE posts as they get the URLs first for the 2nd & 3rd posts. All 3 platforms free to use & all 3 Airdrops of = Value the random nature keeps these airdrops truly fair.
One of 3 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 4 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX & the 3rd & final airdrop on my Torum. You can find updates here, ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx & 3rd Torum URL in the comments.



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