Stack The Battle Wagons Early!

By bitcoinflood | NFTGames | 29 Feb 2024

With the introduction on rebellion packs we saw an all new way of claiming airdrop cards. What was once based on how many packs you bought off the market (but didn't have to hold on to them) resulted in a chance air drop of all future cards. This caused many high end players and investors to buy up a bunch of packs of the market and then dump them on the exchange. Aka why Chaos packs are still super cheap.

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However, I'd have to say having cheap packs like this on the market could be a good thing in this next bull run. It could allow for new players to get in and claim ownership of decks faster and warm them up into buying other newer packs such as rebellion or future packs outside of this.

With this new change for rebellion though I wanted to show you the benefits of getting your wagons setup early and why you want to max things as much as you can right now.

Battle Wagons

This is a screenshot of my current setup on my battle wagons. You'll see I earned a single airdrop card last rough but it then clicked for me as to why you want to max as much as possible during these airdrops as early as possible.

You see this single card allowed me to replace a 20 point card with a 500 point card. That brings up my total points per hour by a massive 480 points! Over a single day that's an added 11,520 points or 11.5% closer to a chance per day. That means if I pulled 10 of these cards I'd be earning a total of an extra 30 chances for the next airdrop. That's actully pretty impressive as you can put these airdropped cards to work right away.

This has now caused me to start buying more packs and pushing my chances up higher because they are only going to increase over time as more and more airdrops come online. If you missed out on the first one this is your chance to buck up and get very active for the second to help put you in a good spot.

The other part of it looks like an increase of 50 chances per airdrop card as we roll forward. That's actully a rather drastic jump for a garneted card and I wonder if it might start to price some people out.

For KEI the new card you now need 250 chances at a garneted card but remember the cards end up being worth around $15+ at the moment so factor that into your pricing and if it's anything like what happened in the past we could see those prices jump even more. If you're like me and love the game and value in it then I highly recommend doing everything you can to max the card and then have a few extras which you can sell later on if you wish. This has worked well for me in the past (except for Chaos lol which I feel has left a bad taste in many peoples mouth) but I see rebellion being a little different and lessons learned. Plus it seems like we are going to be in the bull market and that also means

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