Splinterlands Major Updates Towards Decentralization

By bitcoinflood | NFTGames | 17 Apr 2022

Splinterlands Major Updates Towards Decentralization


Splinterlands has been a wild ride for me personally in a good way. I started with the game back in Alpha days and what I would consider at the time a sizeable investment by me in Beta were I maxed out my deck plus bought into the kickstarter where I got to make my own summoner who is called Valnamor. Since then I will admit I wasn't as heavily focused in the game. I occasionally still played and I even bought up some lands. Since then I've been playing daily and for good reason. I love the game but also when it starts to moon shot from a $10,000 investment to over $300,000 in value it kind of lights a fire under you *** if you get what I mean.

The Move Towards Decentralization

Splinterlands introduced in a governance token last year called SPS (Splintershards) with it came a lot of bonuses and many which we haven't even seen come to light just yet. For me this is a long term hold and play as I believe in the game and where it's heading. It's mainly because of the proven track record by the company now going on what I believe is 4 years strong. Compare that to other play2earn games and you can see how rather rock solid Splinterlands is.

SPS (Splintershard Governance Token)

SPS Governance token currently gives you the ability to earn vouchers which are required for many aspects of the game when buying in new assets early. It's a great way to rewards those who are holding the SPS governance token and providing value to them.

With the news of Splinterlands validator nodes it will require not only SPS but vouchers in order to buy a "License" via the presale. This License allows anyone to earn by running a node. Since a DPoS system would only have a few validators earning the SPS rewards such as hive in the top 20 witnesses this License system is aimed to still reward those running a node with some type of rewards.

License and Validators

The License will also provide value back into the game in the form of 80% of the SPS earned and 100% of the voucher tokens spent to buy these nodes will be burned. The other 20% of SPS tokens from this will be put into the SPS foundation as an incentive system for the SPS reaches the 3 billion cap in about 5 years. (Again long term play here)

These validator nodes will also act on a DPoS system which stands for Delegated proof of stake which is the same method we see here on the Hive blockchain. With your staked tokens you are able to cast your vote for who should be a validator.

Also from what I am seeing these nodes will not only earn SPS but it also seems like they will earn vouchers as well. On top of that there could be other rewards in the future. With a max of just 60,000 to be sold it does paint a picture of what is possible for running one of these nodes by picking up one or more of the validator nodes. I know I'll be grabbing up at least one at the start of the prelaunch sale.

The pricing of these Licenses comes in at the following

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