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Splinterlands, Average Daily Sign-ups, including July

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Hi folks!
I can't say it enough: If you are not playing Splinterlands yet, you should join literally today!
"Where does the urgency originate from?" you might ask. Well,

  • I started about 2 months ago and all my investments in cards rose by roughly 200 - 300%.(e.g. bought 100 cards at 0.09$ today they are 0.3$)
  • I earn like 0.30$ - 0.40$ per day, even though I was really short on time in the past few days and have been playing only a few games per day.
  • And last but not least, the Splinterlands SPS Token is launching TOMORROW!


Average Daily Sign-ups, Splinterlands 2021


(More about the SPS Token Launch further down the post )

How i started playing Splinterlands   

As I was playing card games basically all my life I immediately liked Splinterlands. The only catch is you have to invest 10$ to buy a spellbook and start earning the in-game currency DEC. Yes, I was really freaked out at the beginning to invest any money in any business or game I don't know, but I was actually happy that it was only 10$ to start playing and that PayPal was a payment option, so I didn't need any cryptos. After playing for 12 days my account held almost 3 dollars in value and I got whooping 26 chests 🤑  as a reward at the end of the season.

I heard that you can make more than 100$+/month playing Splinterlands. After playing for a while I think that certainly depends on how good you play the game, if you rank high enough for leaderboards rewards, in what league you play in general, how much luck you have, and how much money you make on the side with buying, selling, and lending cards. Anyways, I'm really excited about the game. I think it has a great future and I will see how far my investment will take me. But yeah, I am super confident as the game is awesome and this is reflected in the price development. 

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The SPS Token Launch/Airdrop

SPS image

SPS Logo, Splinterlands 2021

"Splintershards (SPS) is a new cryptocurrency governance token which will be integrated into the Splinterlands game to provide increasing levels of decision-making ability and control over the product to the player-base, asset owners, and other stakeholders" - Splinterlands, 2021

Splintershards tokens are utilized through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with smart contracts on BSC. The team is preferring the Ethereum network, nonetheless, the gas-fees decided in favor of BSC. Furthermore, smart contracts will be interoperable between the BSC & Ethereum-network, hence only beneficial for Splintershards. The SPS will also enable its holders to take governance votes in regards to the DAO. All interaction between Hive(Splinterlands the game is running on Hive) and BSC (SPS Token is operating on BSC) will be handled through an oracle system.


DAO Splinterlands

Oracle Operation Hive/BSC, Splinterlands 2021

Token distribution 

The distribution of the SPS tokens is scheduled to last for about 65 months starting from tomorrow. Check out the specifics below:

SPS token distribution

SPS token distribution 2

Token Distribution, Splinterlands 2021

Airdrop specifics

In total, 400 million SPS tokens will be airdropped to players (this is 13.33% of the whole token supply). Instead of having a specific date for the airdrop, the tokens will be distributed daily over a timeframe of 1 year. The amount of SPS allocated to a player depends on the assets he is holding at that moment. This mechanism was put into place to support long-term investments into the game. Check out the specific allocation of SPS tokens per Asset:

Airdrop SPS specifics

Airdrop Asset Allocation, Splinterlands 2021

There is probably more I could introduce you to in regards to the SPS token. Remember, you can always use the link at the bottom to get all specifics you require! 

There is much more in Splinterlands, you should check it out!

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