Reddit's Cryptocurrencies Are Being Sold by the Community

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 5 Oct 2020

Traders have begun to trade Reddit’s BRICK and MOON cryptocurrencies through decentralized exchange HoneySwap since late September, though the tokens have little value. 

  • User have begun selling the BRICK and MOON token on the HoneySwap exchange, though it requires a few extra steps to begin trading
  • The high gas fees and the complicated process by which BRICKs are sold have resulted in few takers
  • The BRICKs token has liquidity of less than $1000 and has seen less than 200 transactions
  • Reddit has been experimenting with cryptocurrencies, integrating the r/ForniteBR and r/cryptocurrency subreddits with BRICKs and MOONs respectively
  • Reddit has also partnered with the Ethereum Foundation to scale its Community Points program

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Abhimanyu Krishnan
Abhimanyu Krishnan

Technophile, cryptocurrency enthusiast and journalist.


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