Grayscale’s Q4 Report Shows a 900% Growth in AUM

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 15 Jan 2021

Digital asset management firm Grayscale Investments, in its Q4 2020 investment report published on Jan. 43, has detailed the investment inflow that helped grow its Assets Under Management (AUM) by over 900%.

  • Q4 2020 saw an inflow of $3.3 billion, at an average weekly investment of $251 million per week
  • Graycsale reported earlier in Jan. 2021 that it had added $7 billion in AUM in just one week, and for the first time crossed $25 billion in AUM on Jan. 12
  • The majority of the funds has been focused on Bitcoin, which saw a weekly investment of $217 million
  • Perhaps most importantly, in a trend that is shaping the crypto market heavily in Q1 2021, 93% of investment came from institutional investors, dominated by asset managers; the average commitment of these investors has also gone up to $6.8 million from $2.9 million in Q3 2020
  • For the full year of 2020, which saw Grayscale substantially increase its Bitcoin holdings, the total investment in all assets amounted to $5.7 billion
  • The 2020 inflow is more than four times the entire inflow of the period 2013-2019, which brought in $1.2 billion in investment

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Abhimanyu Krishnan
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