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Cardano's Shelley Testnet Blockchain Sees Genesis Block Created

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 28 Apr 2020

On April 26, Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson announced that the project had created the genesis block for the testnet version of its Shelley blockchain, which is one phase in its long roadmap to create a next generation blockchain that has strong security, complete decentralization and robust governance. 

Hoskinson, who regularly provides updates on the development on Cardano and the technology in general, recently announced in a YouTube video that Shelley would see a release that takes place over multiple phases. The next phase will be a hybrid phase that lets users themselves move from the previous phase, Byron, to Shelley. This will be followed by the mainnet release of Shelley.

The Shelley phase focuses on bringing greater decentralization to the Cardano blockchain. Although delayed, Shelley is still expected to arrive in 2020. 

The next phase, Goguen, will focus on smart contract integration, which will great enhance the application possibility of the Cardano network. This includes “allowing financial and business experts with no previous technical knowledge to create smart contracts.”

Cardano’s roadmap is long and complex, with several more phases yet to go. Eventually, the Cardano Foundation expects to relinquish control and offer fully decentralized governance to run the system, bolstered by a treasury and a voting system that will fund activity.

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