Tribal Books is coming to WAX

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 9 Nov 2020

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In just under two days, a new card game called Tribal Books will have its first pack sale.

There is really not a whole lot of information about the actual game play yet. It will be some sort of card collecting, deck building type game.

Special NFTs called 'Tribal Books' (funny coincidence), seem to be at the crux of everything, and I suspect that they will function as your Hero / God / Summoner. There is a very interesting bit on website where it says the following:

Each Tribal Book by itself is an NFT-asset, so you can trade it, with all the forces stored there.

That 'all the forces stored there' part is what got my attention. This implies some sort of leveling up or evolving of the Books, which could be very cool, but is also potentially a way fraught with much peril for the longevity of this game. We'll have to see where the devs go with this idea and hopefully leveled up Books don't become an expensive gateway to getting farther in the game (I'm looking at you, Splinterlands!)

Note: During the Tribal Books part of this video, it was stated that a Book would not be required to play the game and that there will be a free to play option.

The above linked video has some additional tidbits, including mentions on moving, putting up blockers in front of your opponent, and removing blockers. Symbols are said to be important, though not how (I'm not even sure what a Symbol is in game context).

Extra Note: The video also contains one of the answers to the secret clues in their giveaway contest -

TB card details

This first sale is coming up soon, and packs are only available with WAX. I got onto WAX a couple of months ago and have been very impressed. The system has proven to be robust and simple to use, and best of all, most transactions are free of gas charges! If you need a quick, simple WAX wallet, I recommend the Cloud Wallet ( and it seems to work with the entire ecosystem.

I am a little hesitant about Tribal Books because of how little information there is about the game. I invested in Gods Unchained before there was anything playable, but for that I knew what kind of game I was getting into. Here, I really have little idea. I can't even find a place where the price of packs are listed!

But, WAX has proven to be an excellent platform for NFTs as collectors items, and if Tribal Books can develop into an interesting and fun game, then this could be a very lucrative purchase. I love the aesthetics and artwork of what we've been shown so far, there has just been precious little of it. Nonetheless, I do have some WAX ready to go if the price points seem reasonable.

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