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EOS is the scalable, flexible and usable cryptocurrency

By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 21 Apr 2020

The first blockchain in the world that has its own constitution. The project was launched in 2017.

Basically  a software that has implemented a new architecture of the digital payment system.

Its principles are: scalability, flexibility and facilitates of use.

The platform has a promising future a revolution in terms of blockchain technology. The innovation made by EOS will offer the opportunity for users to make millions of transactions per second. No expenses, and no intermediaries.

EOS software allows individuals and organizations to create blockchain applications similar to existing ones.

EOS tokens are called ERC-20, in the sense that they are compatible with those distributed by the Ethereum blockchain.

What makes it scalable?

When it comes to scalability i mean the quantity of transactions that the platform can handle. EOS works with a parallel execution system that simplifies the process, which in 10 seconds is able to confirm transactions, this avoiding system congestion.

What makes it flexible?

Flexibility of EOS consists in the possibility to block an operation when an error occurs or even worse when account was attacked. The blockchain stops the application until a solution to the problem is found.

What makes it usable?

The EOS platform has reached a new level. Programmers are still working on the self-describing interface. There allows you to customize user permissions for all their actions. Also also who doesn't have great knowledge of advanced computer science and able to understand how this platform works.

The advantages

Thanks to EOS technology  millions of transactions per second possible a big step for blockchain networks. Just to remember, that the Bitcoin network limited to only 3 transactions per second or Ethereum to 30 transactions per second.

Usually, to process millions of transactions per second, there are high commissions for users. This totally opposite to the new advanced technology of EOS. The network does not charge any fees for daily transfers.

Being a decentralized platform there are no intermediaries for payments.

The platform operates at the same time with three characteristics of smart contracts: scalability. horizontal, asynchronous communication and interoperability.

Users will get account permissions, authentication security and web communication that will be reflected in high transaction volumes.

EOS created the first blockchain operating system. The moment it is installed, will it be received a database, some indexes that will help to sort the data and other benefits that can be found on the official website. You can design apps without purchasing the software or different programming languages.

Does EOS have a revolutionary new technology that it will create strong competition between all existing blockchains.


The EOS platform is certainly one of the projects pi promising in the area of ​​Crytocurrencies. Thanks to its scalability  and its simplicity of  use could be used by many programmers (even novices) for the creation of future applications

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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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