NFT Spotlight: The Mecha Melters (launching December 8th)

By CJen | TechMoneyCulture | 8 Dec 2021

Launching on December 8th with high-quality artwork, a DAO, and their own $SCOOP token



I wrote about Creepy Creams’ exciting new partnership with LandVault a couple of weeks ago. In that article, I also covered the team’s origin story and how they’d pivoted from a rather traditional 10k pfp project to an intriguing mix of cool-looking avatars with thrilling lore around them, a DAO with investments in virtual land and valuable NFTs, and of course immersive experiences and games in the metaverse.

My previous article also teased the next item on the Creepy Creams roadmap, an essential component in building out the lore and future gameplay: The launch of the Mecha Melters on December 8th, 10 pm UTC!

In this article, I’ll outline the details of the drop and why you may want to mint a Mecha or two. The depth and multifaceted nature of the project mean that you’ll have plenty of good reasons to choose from, but I’ll try to keep it brief.


Launch details

There will be a total of 6,000 Mecha Melters available, minting for 0.05 ETH each on December 8th. Leading up to that, owners of the Alpha Wave will have 24 hours to mint in the pre-sale (starting December 7th).

50% of the proceeds will go directly into the community DAO and be used to acquire and develop more Sandbox land. 5% will be donated to a children’s charity, adding to the team’s $24,000 donation to Save The Children after the Alpha Wave launch.

For all the updates and additional details before launch, go join the Creepy Creams Discord.


The artwork

What the community seems to love the most about the Mechas is arguably the artwork. And for good reason, in my own and some dGEN Network founders’ humble opinion. Tom, co-founder and artist on the Creepy Creams project, already showed his talent with the Alpha Wave but I personally think he’s outdone himself with the Mecha Melters.

The 6,000 Mecha Melters come in four different classes: Shinoba, Paladins, Berserkir, and Infiltrators. Each of them plays its own distinct and essential role in the Creepy Creams lore and upcoming metaverse experience and games. A bit more on that later in the article.

For now, check out these sneak peeks and notice the details in the artwork, the color palettes, and just how badass the Mecha Melters truly are!

The Shinoba

Born from women samurai warriors, this scout class of mech has unmatchable speed, silent footsteps, and a deadly strike.


The Paladin

These hardcore fighters have been defenders of the realm for centuries, with a history going back to before Vanilla Valley. They are formidable fighters and will unite the four realms to defeat the Creepy Creams.


The Berserkir

By far the strongest class, these absolute tanks eat Creepy Creams for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and midnight snack. Their pilots can often be found drinking beer and singing rude songs in honor of their gods.


The Infiltrators

This little urchin was developed in the urban underworld by tinkerers and hackers. It’s the only mech that is piloted remotely and is always found in a swarm raining fire down on Creepy Creams. It’s an elusive little mecha though, so we’ve only seen one example so far.


The team also teased one of the three rare skins, called the ‘Stygian’, that I’m personally a sucker for!




Now, along with the awesome artwork comes some serious utility as well. First up, owning a Mecha Melter makes you a member of the Creepy Creams DAO. The DAO currently owns Mutant Ape #5826 and a piece of Sandbox land, both of which have been great investments since they were acquired in November.

As mentioned in the beginning, 50% of the revenue from the Mecha Melters mint will go directly to the community DAO and fund new acquisitions. The team’s overall focus on the metaverse will not only inform new investments but also the experience they’re creating for their community of Alpha and Mecha owners.


The metaverse

Creepy Creams made their metaverse ambitions pretty clear with their LandVault partnership. They’re currently building out Vanilla Valley on LandVault’s AvatarLand in The Sandbox, featuring an ice cream factory, a theatre for movie nights, and a 3D version of the community vault (aptly named the ‘Freezer’) and its assets.

0*mTmoAeVHMvUSm12o Some sneak peeks from Creepy Creams’ Sandbox experience

What’s more, Creepy Creams will be one of the first NFT projects to build an actual game in The Sandbox. The plan is to create a fully-fledged play-to-earn battle game revolving around the Creepy Creams lore: The Alpha Wave Creepy Creams have escaped Vanilla Valley and are ravaging the lands around it. The people of these realms must suit up and unite to fight the Creams or be destroyed forever! That’s why the robotic Mecha Melters were created, originating from four corners of the metaverse to fend off the Creepy Creams hordes!

The Creepy Creams universe isn’t complete with the launch of the Mecha Melters though. The team’s already got a lot more in store for us!


The expanding lore

Not only will the initial Alpha Wave and the new Mecha Melters be created in 3D, ready for the metaverse and gaming, but they will also be accompanied by some new characters in the future.

One of the first things on the roadmap is the breeding of Baby Creams. Later comes the Omega wave. And in a Twitter Space just a few days ago, the founders teased the idea for a “corrupted cream” that will be used to evolve the Mecha Melters. Considering Tom’s artistic talents, the general theme of the artwork, and how insane the Mecha Melters already are, I can’t wait to see what this evolution will look like! What’s more, we don’t yet know if these evolved Mechas will be a force for good or for bad…

Now, the key to all this breeding and evolution is the $SCOOP token which serves a few essential purposes in the Creepy Creams ecosystem.


Staking and SCOOP

Another huge accomplishment for the Creepy Creams team since my first article is the launch of staking. 260 of the 1,500 Alphas have already been staked, each earning 10 $SCOOP per day for their owners. You will also be able to stake your Mecha Melter and earn 2 $SCOOP per day, while the upcoming Baby Creams and Omegas will earn 2 and 5 $SCOOP respectively.


$SCOOP is a utility token that will first and foremost be used to breed and evolve your Alphas and Mecha Melters. However, it also serves as a governance token for voting in important community decisions. Thus, the amount of $SCOOP you own will determine your influence over future acquisitions and the overall direction of the Creepy Creams project.



In summary

There’s clearly a lot more to the Mecha Melters than cool artwork. Owning one will make you a member of a DAO with a portfolio of developed virtual land. It will give you access to a metaverse experience and future games with battle and play-to-earn mechanics. You will also be able to evolve your Mecha into some freaky beast in the future, using the $SCOOP token that you earn through staking. And you’re supporting a children’s charity in the process!

For all of these benefits though, what you’re really investing in when you buy an Alpha or a Mecha Melter is the team. They’re fully doxxed and extremely smart, passionate, and kind. If you want to get to know Alex and Tom, the two founders, a little better, I recommend listening to this interview they did on The Ape and Pony Show. Also, just go hang out in their Discord to meet and learn more about all the team members.

Discord is also where you’ll get the direct link to the minting site and be able to ask questions if you have any. But if you’ve already bought into the team’s vision and the Creepy Creams project, here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Mecha Melters launch:

  • The public sale begins on December 8th, 10 pm UTC
  • 6,000 NFTs will be available to mint
  • The mint price is 0.05 ETH

Happy minting, everyone!

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