NFT Spotlight: Creepy Creams Bets on the Metaverse With LandVault Partnership

By CJen | TechMoneyCulture | 20 Nov 2021


There are certain things I look for when evaluating a new NFT project. It needs to have a great team with a long-term view and passion for the project. If they’re fully doxxed, that’s a huge plus! And they need to have a community of people who believe in them and what they’re building.

I also want to see great artwork and characters that fit into an engaging narrative. Breeding and game mechanics are great! So is fractional ownership of blue-chip NFTs, staking, and a DAO that lets the community have a real impact on the project. Support of a good cause is always a nice plus as well.

When I find a project that has all of this, the purchase decision is a bit of a no-brainer to me. Creepy Creams provides an example of this.

And just in case that pitch wasn’t enough to get you excited, let’s get to the real news headline of the day:

Creepy Creams announces that they’re partnering with LandVault to create an immersive metaverse and game experience for their community in The Sandbox!

Now, while I did write this piece as part of a collaboration between Creepy Creams and the dGEN Network where it was first published, I don’t own any Creepy Creams NFTs and don’t have a financial interest in the project yet. I’ll probably mint some when they launch their second collection though, which you may want to do as well after reading this article.

But before we get to that and the exciting new partnership, I want to take a step back and tell you a bit about the origin story of Creepy Creams and how the sudden “NFT winter” made the project what it is today.


The origin story of Creepy Creams

What’s really awesome about the Creepy Creams team is that they’re not only super skilled and passionate about what they do, they’re also fully doxxed! It makes it so much easier to establish a connection with the founders and their passion, goals, and motivation behind the project. It also enables you to have faith in the project during tough times and when the initial plan needs to be scrapped.


The Creepy Creams team

When Alex and Tom began working on Creepy Creams, they didn’t exactly envision its current form with multiple characters, a DAO, and their own utility token. Rather, the idea right up until launch was to create a pretty traditional 10k pfp collection.

But then, seemingly from one day to the next, market sentiment changed. If you’ve been active in the space since summer, you know what I’m talking about. We went from a market in August and September where seemingly any new project could sell 10,000 NFTs in half an hour, to a market where even the best projects struggled to sell a thousand.

Without the funding to realize their initial plans, many of the projects that launched during this sudden “NFT winter” essentially died off. They didn’t have the right team to pivot or the community support to make it through the tough times.

But Creepy Creams did. When it became clear that they weren’t going to sell out their 10,000 NFTs, the team decided to rethink their entire roadmap.


The new Creepy Creams roadmap

Supply was cut to 1,500 in what’s now called the Alpha Wave. Additional NFT collections were drawn up along with the whole storyline around Vanilla Valley, Baby Creams, Mecha Melters, and Omegas.

The DAO structure was introduced as a natural evolution of the strong community that had already formed around the project.

And despite all the challenges and massively reduced funding, the team stuck to their promises and donated $24,000 to Save The Children. Donating to children’s charities always was and continues to be one of the founders’ main goals behind Creepy Creams and an essential part of the whole project.

How the team and the community rallied together in difficult times really tells you a lot about the project. Creepy Creams didn’t just survive, they actually emerged even stronger and more ambitious than before.


The new Creepy Creams


The community and the DAO

I know from speaking with Alex (one of the founders) and spending time in the Creepy Creams Discord that the project has some of the most caring, welcoming, and engaged community members in the space. There’s a lot of fun small talk going on, but people also take a real interest in the health and future of the Creepy Creams project.

Because of the community’s essential and very active role in Creepy Creams right from the beginning, the introduction of a DAO structure felt like a very natural evolution when it was announced at the end of October. The community members were already involved in decision-making prior to the DAO and will now officially have a say in all future actions.

Some of the key decisions to be made will be about which blue-chip NFTs and metaverse land to purchase for the community vault. Until the launch of Mecha Melters, the voting rights are reserved for owners of the Alpha Wave.

The Alpha Wave

The Alpha Wave consists of 1,500 hand-drawn mutated melting ice-creams. They’re creepy, creamy, crazy, cool, and colorful. And they’ve been approved by some of the fiercest judges in the art world: Kids! More specifically, Alex’s two girls.

0*Yx6j8jtwyZTTdZlJ Examples from the Creepy Creams Alpha Wave

You could easily buy one for the artwork and the storyline alone but, as we’ve already touched upon, there’s a lot more to them than that.

First up, each Creepy Cream from the Alpha Wave will serve as a pre-sale pass to all future collections, starting with the Mecha Melters in December. Next up is the Baby Creams collection which can be bred using the Creepy Creams native $SCOOP token. And this brings me to the other main selling point of the Alphas: Staking!

Staking and $SCOOP

Creepy Creams staking is set to go live any day now and will enable Alpha owners to earn 10 $SCOOP tokens per day. $SCOOP tokens will not only be used to breed Baby Creams and later evolve into Omega Creams, but they also represent fractional ownership of the community vault (aka the Freezer) which currently holds Mutant Ape #5826 and a piece of Sandbox land.

These were just the first two additions to the Freezer though. The team has much bigger plans for it than that and wants to make fractional ownership of blue-chips and metaverse land a core part of the Creepy Creams DAO.


Mutant Ape #5826 and the Sandbox land currently owned by the Creepy Creams DAO

In fact, the main goal of the upcoming Mecha Melters launch is to raise capital for new DAO purchases. Now, I won’t give you any financial advice, but I will tell you that the MAYC floor has almost doubled since the Creepy Creams DAO purchase on November 1st and that their piece of premium Sandbox land has done even better. You might want to pick up a Mecha if for no other reason than to become part of that DAO…


Launch of the Mecha Melters

Set to launch in December at a price of 0.05 ETH, the 6,000 Mecha Melters will expand the Creepy Creams universe and help fund upcoming purchases for the vault with 50% of the mint revenue going to the community wallet. Continuing their support of great causes, 5% will be donated to a children’s charity chosen by the community!

The Mechas’ role in Vanilla Valley will be to combat the evil Creepy Creams. There will be four different classes, each with unique abilities and a different set of badass weapons, including fire cannons, cream crushers, and scoop stompers! Check out a few teasers below.

0*eQj9o6bDFCT8W2Gg Previews of the Mecha Melters set to launch in December

As the owner of a Mecha Melter, you will receive an airdrop of the $SCOOP token as well as daily earnings through staking. These tokens will prepare your Mecha for future breeding and evolution, as well as represent your fractional ownership of the DAO’s blue-chip NFTs and metaverse land.

Furthermore, because of Creepy Creams’ big ambitions for the metaverse, both owners of Mecha Melters and Alpha Wave Creepy Creams will soon be able to mint metaverse-ready 3D versions of their characters as well!

And now that you’ve gotten a bit of background on the whole Creepy Creams story and what the project is all about, let’s finally talk about the new LandVault partnership and how that fits into everything!


The LandVault partnership

The Creepy Creams founders always had big ambitions for the metaverse. They never wanted to just invest in virtual land, although they certainly still want to control a significant portion of it for the DAO and future partnerships. More than that though, they want to create an immersive metaverse experience for their community.

In order to realize their ambitious plans, they’ve just entered into an extremely exciting partnership with LandVault, a full-service metaverse studio made up of experts in real estate acquisition, financial analysis, online marketing, and video game production!


Previews from LandVault’s Plaza Build in The Sandbox (not a part of Creepy Creams)

Specializing in Sandbox real estate and game development, LandVault will build out Vanilla Valley, the utopian floating island on which the whole Creepy Creams story plays out. It will be created in LandVault’s AvatarLand, a 6x6 parcel which LandVault themselves describe as a bizarre, irreverent Disneyland in the Metaverse, overrun with your favorite avatars!

By building in AvatarLand, the Creepy Creams metaverse experience will be created alongside other avatar projects which will all bring awareness to each other and create a more meaningful metaverse experience for their community members, rather than fight for people’s attention.

Early on, Creepy Creams’ Sandbox experience will feature an ice cream machine, a theatre for movie nights, and a 3D version of the Freezer and its future portfolio of blue-chip NFTs. The Sandbox, which recently raised $93m and announced the launch of their public alpha for players, is also where Creepy Creams’ first game will be developed!

While such ambitious endeavors obviously take time to build, the team is actually aiming for a working prototype of their Sandbox experience within a few weeks! You’ll also get some teasers and updates along the way, which is another great reason to join their Discord asap. There’ll be plenty to get excited about if you aren’t already.



Wrapping it all up

If you’ve made it all the way down here, well done! I know there’s a lot of information to process and it takes a while to fully wrap your head around the Creepy Creams project, what they stand for, and what you really get when you buy one of their NFTs.

All the different components and how they’re combined is also what makes Creepy Creams unique though. They’re not just a DAO. Not just fractional ownership. Not just another pfp project. Not just a way to support a great cause. They’re all of that and more, in one exciting project. And they have the committed team and community it takes to see it all through.

If you’re curious and want to get involved, I highly suggest you jump into their Discord to meet the team and experience the great community first-hand. This is also where you’ll get all the updates on the Sandbox development, the upcoming launch of Mecha Melters, and all the other exciting items on the Creepy Creams roadmap!

This article was originally published on dGEN Network.


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