My 15 Favorite NFT Podcasts in 2022

By CJen | TechMoneyCulture | 24 Jan 2022


Are you struggling to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the world of NFTs? Maybe you want some analysis of upcoming launches and the latest drama on NFT Twitter? Or perhaps you want to learn about some of the artists, founders, and collectors leading the NFT revolution?

Luckily for us, this space is full of passionate people who love talking about NFTs and have decided to share their thoughts, insights, and conversations in the form of podcasts!

I made two guides to my favorite NFT podcasts in October last year. Some of those are still on my playlist and featured on this list as well. Many are new additions though. New podcasts keep popping up and I keep finding ones that I’d previously missed. I’m sure this list isn’t comprehensive either so I’d love to hear your recommendations.

With that, let’s go through my current playlist in no particular order.



Two Bored Apes

Two Bored Apes is hosted by two of my favorite people in the NFT space. Jaime, aka Jaime’s Musings, is a great artist and experienced NFT collector. Roy, aka Zeneca, is a highly prominent advisor, collector, and thought leader in the space. He’s also been a guest on a few of the other podcasts mentioned here.

They release an episode every few days, either discussing recent highlights from the NFT space or answering questions from listeners. Each episode is recorded as a casual conversation with room for occasional tangents, personal anecdotes, and friendly banter.

In addition to the podcast, I’d also recommend checking out ZenAcademy by Zeneca and the Abstract of the Day collection by Jaime’s Musings.

Listen to it here.



PROOF is a podcast by Kevin Rose, serial entrepreneur, VC investor, and just all-around inspiring and great guy. PROOF is dedicated to in-depth interviews with artists, builders, and collectors in the NFT space.

Kevin is extremely professional and a great interviewer, but the episodes are still casual and entertaining to listen to. Some of my favorite interviews are the ones with Linkin Park’s Mike ShinodaMirage Gallery’s August Rosedale, and Chris Wallace of the Woodies NFT project.

Listen to it here.


nft now podcast

I’m frankly surprised and disappointed that I didn’t learn about the nft now podcast until a few weeks ago. First of all, because the content is great! Second of all, because it’s one of the oldest NFT podcasts around, having launched in April 2021.

The hosts interview artists, collectors, founders, and technologists about their work with NFTs. Recent guests include Coinbase NFT’s Product VPBitski’s CEOVeeFriends’ President, and a co-founder of Pussy Riot. I’d also suggest listening to the founders’ review of 2021 and expectations for 2022.

Listen to it here.


The Nifty Show

Speaking of old NFT podcasts, let’s get to the real OG. The Nifty Show first aired in mid-2020 with talks about new NFT projects and recent news, as well as interviews with founders and creators in the space.

It’s also one of the few podcasts that dedicate most of their time to NFTs outside of the Ethereum ecosystem. In my opinion, this is reason enough to keep it on your playlist.

Listen to it here.



Shot2TheMoon is hosted by Sean Pfeiffer and Steven Shill (aka Von) who, in their own words, give a raw, uncensored, and unfiltered perspective on NFTs. The guys definitely share their honest opinion on the hottest projects and stories of the week — both good and bad!

They also bring on guests to talk about their projects and even interview leading members of their own Shot2TheMoon community about their experience in the NFT space.

Listen to it here.


The Mint Condition

The Mint Condition is a great weekly recap of what’s been happening in the NFT space. The three hosts, ChamberBunchu, and Dez, discuss the state of the market, the biggest news, recent launches, and what they’ve each been up to in the NFT market. Sometimes they bring on guests from the industry as well.

The podcast is a part of dGEN Network, a media company with several high-quality podcasts on crypto and NFTs. They also have a large catalog of articles written by the team or community members. You’ll find a lot of my writings there as well.

Listen to it here.


NFT Catcher Podcast

NFT Catcher Podcast is another member of the dGEN Network family and one that I look forward to every week. It’s hosted by Michael Keen and Jennifer Sutto (aka JennyFromTheBlockchain) who discuss the latest news, biggest drops, and the occasional drama happening in the NFT space.

They recently started doing interviews as well, kicking it off with xtremetom of Cool Cats, one of the most successful NFT projects of all time.

Listen to it here.


Non-Refungible Podcast

Namesake and flagship podcast of the Non-Refungible Network, this one features lots of great interviews with some of the leading figures in the NFT space. The three hosts have interviewed the founders of massively successful projects like Doodles and the Gutter Cat Gang, as well as big collectors and other influential people (including Zeneca mentioned above).

In addition to guest interviews, the team also discusses the state of the NFT market and notable news. Each episode is approximately an hour long and they just released their 24th, so you’ll have plenty of great content to listen to.

Listen to it here.


NerdFT Radio

The two hosts of NerdFT Radio, Mateo and Austin (aka Redsoxguy and Crypto_Crier), put out two new episodes every week. They mainly discuss the biggest stories from the NFT space but also bring on founders and experts to discuss their projects and specific topics.

Most episodes are between 30 and 40 minutes long, so they might also be more manageable than many of the others on this list if you’re just dipping your toes into the NFT waters.

Listen to it here.


NFQueens Podcast

What I love about the NFQueens Podcast is its focus on highlighting women in the NFT space, something I’ve tried doing myself. Each week, the two (female!) hosts chat with a member of the community about their experience with NFTs, what they’ve learned so far, and their advice for others.

NFQueens is part of Non-Refungible Network along with the Non-Refungible Podcast and NerdFT Radio.

Listen to it here.


Probably Nothing

Probably Nothing is hosted by Tiffany Zhong, founder and CEO of Islands, and Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit and VC firm Seven Seven Six. About every other week, they interview a notable figure from the NFT space about their story, the experience, advice for others, and what’s coming next.

I highly recommend the interviews they did with Farokh, expert community builder and founder of Rug Radio, and Noah Davis of Christie’s. But really, I’d recommend listening to all of the eight episodes they’ve done so far.

And for the uninitiated, “probably nothing” is a popular saying in the crypto and NFT community. It’s used ironically and essentially means “definitely something!” This podcast is no exception.

Listen to it here.


Overpriced JPEGs

Overpriced JPEGs is a fairly new podcast hosted by Carly Reilly. She brings on founders, creators, and collectors from the NFT space to talk about their projects and the state of the market.

She recently added a new recurring segment called “A Moment of Zen(eca)” where the aforementioned Zeneca, co-host of Two Bored Apes, comes on to share his insights regarding recent new launches, big news, and the NFT market as a whole.

Listen to it here.


The Adam McBride Show

Adam McBride is an NFT Archaeologist and arguably the most renowned one. This essentially means that he’s digging up and highlighting the very earliest NFTs, i.e., the ones launched before everyone learned the term in 2021.

I’m personally fascinated by this field and have a few of the oldest NFTs from 2018 in my own collection. There’s a compelling investment case to be made for these historically significant NFTs as well. If you’re curious, this podcast and Adam’s Twitter account are definitely worth checking out.

Listen to it here.


Edge of NFT Podcast

The Edge of NFT Podcast focuses on in-depth interviews with business leaders and creators in the NFT space. They put out multiple episodes per week, giving you plenty of great content to choose from.

Some recent guests that are definitely worth listening to are Dr. Jesse Reich (aka Aggroed) of SplinterlandsSébastien Borget of The Sandbox, and Steve Aoki.

Listen to it here.


The Matthew & Rizzle Show

Each week co-hosts Matthew and Rizzle bring on some of the most interesting artists, founders, and creators to talk about their NFT projects. They’ve recently covered topics like crypto art history with MLOdotArt, metaverse growth with Axie Infinity co-founder Jiho, and NFT music with Latashá, head of community programming at ZORA.

Listen to it here.



There you have it, friends. 15 NFT podcasts for you to check out. I’d love to hear which ones you like the most and which ones I might have missed. I expect to do a follow-up in a few months’ time. Until then, keep the comments and recommendations coming 🙏



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