Unibright - Bridging Companies to Blockchain with NO Coding!
Unibright - Bridging Companies to Blockchain with NO Coding!


Unibright https://unibright.io/ has solutions that bridge existing business to blockchain base without coding.

Key Usage
Companies who wish to make use of the blockchain can do so easily with the tool and templates that they have created.  The Unibright Framework provides visual tools for non technical people to drag and drop their business workflow.

Unibright Designer (Unibright Designer)

Smart contracts are generated with a click of  a button.

And the entire updates are showcase on a nice explorer.


Unibright Explorer(Unibright Explorer)

With Unibright, companies are able to connect to various tradition solution to different blockchain.

Unibright Connector(Unibright Connector)

Use case: 

For example: If you are a procurement manager who needs 3 quotations for any purchase. Traditionally, you have centralised solution where you ask vendors to submit. Thereafter, you require 2 departments to view the quotations and approve a vendor. 

The weakness of a centralised system is that information can be changed, results may not be fair.

So, the company decided to move this process to the blockchain so that information is public and transparent. Approval process also cannot be changed as everything is written on the blockchain. To do this, the company needs to get developers and product manager to study the work flow, write smart contracts and connect it to your existing system, let say SAP system. This process will be long and expensive.

With Unibright workflow designer, you can select an existing template, drag and drop to adjust it to your current work flow. And with a click a button creates the smart contracts. Then, you can view the status of on the Unibright explorer. 

This translate tremendous savings on time and cost for company who wish to move some of their process onto the blockchain. 

On top of that, as Unibright plays a major role in developing the Baseline Protocol that is form by Earnst and Young (EY) and ConsenSys in collaboration with Microsoft. Companies have the peace of mind that it will work with major software like SAP and Microsoft products. 

The reason is that the Baseline Protocol will be the standard that will be used by most of the leading solution provider. So, integration of the Unibright solution will be seamless.


Marten Jung is an expert level know-how on SAP Integration. Stefan Schmidt is the co-founder with Expert level know how on designing and creating full stack business applications. They lead a 20 member team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration.


UniBright has a working product and are getting more clients to use it. They have a list of established partners and clients including MicroSoft, SAP and Lufthansa- the largest bank in Germany. They are also part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Blockchain Bundesverband and INATBA — the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application where Unibright is a founding member amongst other companies like IBM, Telefonica, SAP, IOTA or the German Stock Exchange.

Unibright tokens are used as vouchers for the framework and the tokens will be locked and will not be available in markets. This means that as long as UniBright gets more clients, more tokens will be locked.  That will increase scarcity of the tokens in the open market and price should increase as a result.

Unibright is a rare company with a working product and global reputable clients! I do see them as the future Top 10 Blockchain companies. 

Hope you like it. Time will tell if they will make it :  )



Let me know if you find similar blockchain projects which have strong foothold as i will like to include them in my book collection.

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Karen New wrote the 1st book on cryptocurrency, New Assets and Comic book on Blockchain - Wish I knew, in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus.

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New Assets 3.0 - Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave

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