There are times when you have a dream

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 5 Jul 2022

You do lots of hard work. You are on the right track. And suddenly, lightning strikes out of a blue sky. Trees and rocks collapse on your way. You barely survive. At least you did, after all. Time to go on with the journey. But how? The road is blocked. You try pushing away the boulders but they don’t move the tiniest bit. You are powerless and scared. The path to your dream practically no longer exists.

One could sit and curse about their misfortune. In times of despair, it is sometimes worth venting out, as long as it does not become a permanent state. Another option is to give up the dream. This might be reasonable. Or, dreamers gather tools and start working on building a new road towards their goal.

Which one are you?


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