I want it all now!

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 7 May 2022

I want it all now!

Everybody does. I want all my dreams to come true! Right now, in this very moment. I will use my magic wand, and my life will become perfect.

Too bad, maybe somebody read too many fairy tales or played too many computer games. Life does not work that way. It takes effort, planning, failing, getting up, falling down again, changing paths, abandoning old approaches until one day a wish comes true.

Patience and perseverance are what brings you closer to your goals. Taking shortcuts is tempting and sometimes works. If an opportunity to proceed faster presents itself, one has to go for it. But the aim should not be to look for miraculous solutions. Besides, sometimes they lead to missed future opportunities.



"I want it all" - an abstract digital artwork that I generated using the AI in the Wombo Dream app.


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Life with invisible disabilities but full of opportunities. Mental health, autism, ADHD

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