Official Partnership Announcement: DOS Network and NerveNetwork

By NULS | Nerve | 3 Sep 2020

The DOS Network team is thrilled to announce a long-term strategic partnership with NerveNetwork (, a leader in cross-chain asset management. We would like to offer our warmest welcome to our new partner and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

The Nerve Network vision aligns with ours in that we both strive to build and contribute to a truly open, transparent, and secure DeFi ecosystem. We will be working hand in hand towards that vision.

The DeFi space has grown exponentially in recent years, the most notable of which is the success of the Ethereum ecosystem. It has benefited immensely from a myriad of technological innovations, novel protocols, and countless community members and traders. As a result, Ethereum is widely seen as the ideal vehicle for storing value and facilitating trading.

However, harnessing the synergies of DeFi composability remains a major challenge. This is why cross-chain protocols are crucial to DeFi — they serve as the bridge between different blockchain networks, enabling the flow of assets and value across them. Nerve Network is a leading asset service network that aims to become the universal cross-chain value exchange. It has the potential and capability to connect and integrate all public chains, making DeFi more accessible to everyone.

For DeFi protocols like Nerve Network, there is a need for reliable oracle price data in order to mitigate market risks. DOS Network is the ideal oracle service of choice for DeFi protocols. It gives smart contracts a secure, reliable channel to access off-chain data at an attractive price point. With innovations such as verifiable random function (VRF) and threshold signatures, along with an advanced token economy model and a compact, constantly iterating agile team, DOS Network empowers Nerve Network to perform all its important functions, such as calculating various ratios and settling assets, with ease and precision. Together, we will solve the isolated “value island” problem in DeFi.

About DOS Network

DOS Network is a scalable, layer 2 decentralized oracle service network that provides real-world data and computing power for mainstream blockchains. It links blockchain smart contracts with off-chain data and events, and provides verifiable computing power for blockchains, enabling more application scenarios and use cases to be implemented.

DOS Network is able to support a variety of mainstream blockchains, such as Ethereum, TRON, Ultrain, QuarkChain, U Network, and more. Adopters of DOS Network’s oracle service are leveraging DOS Network to gain access to a plethora of real-world data, such as stock prices, weather, flights, and more.

About Nerve Network

Nerve Network is a cross-chain interaction protocol based on the NULS microservice framework and developed with NULS ChainBox. It aims to break the isolated value island of the blockchain, establish a cross-chain asset interaction network, and provide all the necessary underlying support for the DeFi application ecology. Let every digital asset holder enjoy the real security, freedom, and transparency of the DeFi application services.

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DOS Token Contract Address: 0x0A913beaD80F321E7Ac35285Ee10d9d922659cB7

Source: DOS Network

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