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Passive Income: How to Maximize Your Browsing Habits

By NeoNeoLiberal | NeoNeoLiberal | 13 May 2022


   Passive income, everyone wants it and everyone says they know a way you can get it. Today I'm going to share two methods of generating passive income which I've used to success which genuinely require zero effort past setting them up. The rewards aren't going to be a life changing amount of money, but, ending the year with ~$75 can't hurt. In this short article I'll be writing about the Brave Browser and the Bing Rewards system. 



     I took this screenshot from my own Brave Browser account to show you guys in action how it works. You opt into receiving ads from Brave and essentially agree to sharing the profits of those ads with them. At the end of the month, the BAT which I've accrued is automatically sent to my Gemini account. It was roughly around ~$5 a month in passive income but due to the market covering itself in gasoline at a match party, it's looking like this month will be more like $2.50-$3 for me. Regardless, that's $3 more a month that I was making when I was using Firefox. This also works on mobile if you're using Samsung so you can even increase the earnings there. You can use the following link to download Brave today and start securing yourself some passive income. The rates on Brave will also be higher than any 'cloud mining browser' you could ever download without wasting your computer's resources to generate cents a month.


     This is an image I capped from my own Microsoft rewards account. As you can see I'm really not optimizing this strategy as I am not maintaining streaks or anything, nor am I even logged intro all of my devices. You can essentially translate 1000 points into a $ and from that see that I've personally made almost $200 just from using Bing as a search engine over Google. I'll take that. I initially started using Bing because I'm a contrarian and liked it more than Google and only after months did I even find out about a rewards program to log into an account with $20 just sitting in it. You can only exchange the points for gift cards but there's stuff in there like Amazon, Steam, Riot Points, etc. I personally don't believe there is a more lucrative search engine you can use, especially considering that Bing is a 'triple A' search engine. There's no referral system or anything to this, just set your default search engine to Bing on your browser and login to/create your Microsoft account. 


     If you're thinking, wow, thanks stranger on the internet for helping me get some free money and passive income and don't yet have a Gemini exchange account to transfer your BAT into, feel free to use my referral link that I've listed here.

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