OKBoomer Lists the Champions Collection on OpenSea, BoomerSwap in Development

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 27 Dec 2021

NFTs are a buzz right now. A few years back, with the success of Cryptokitties and the inconveniencing congestion it caused on Ethereum, many criticized this new crypto innovation as a fad that will fizzle out. Unknowingly, a new fire had been rekindled. 

NFTs, as an emerging asset class, is a force. It is easy to see why. The idea of porting value and scarcity from the physical to the digital world is a technological feat only made possible by web3. The concept of blockchain distribution and tagging valuable files preventing duplication or other forms of intellectual rights infringement is precisely what the world was waiting for—and has been actualized by NFTs.

The OKBoomer Champions Collection on OpenSea

In a recent press release, OKBoomer announced their entry into NFTs by listing the Champions Collection on OpenSea. According to data, OpenSea is by far the largest NFTs marketplace in the world, and this is the right move by the minter. On a platform whose trading volumes exceeded $10 billion just three months after crossing the $1 billion mark, the Champions Collection could draw more attention from the global NFT user base.

The auction of the OKBOOMER Champions Collection NFT is after OKBoomer officially announced its interest in NFTs back in August 2021. A few days later, after laying out their plans of entering the highly competitive NFTs field, they said they were partnering with various pro athletes drawn from multiple fields, including fishing and wrestling. Athletes now part of OKBoomer include Peter Miller, Bradley Sowell, Chandler Catanzaro, and pro wrestler Stephanie Finochio who goes by the stage name Trinity. At the same time, OKBoomer has roped in the caretakers of Huntsville, a racing horse that has won several championships.

Better Fan Engagement

Notably, the OKBoomer Champions Collection NFT mirrors the team's objective. They want to bring their partner pro-athletes closer to fans and even more opportunities for NFT holders. As they plan to carve out a decent market share from the $620 billion gaming industry and the $2 billion Sports NFT token industry projected to expand in the months ahead rapidly, tokenization and diffusing ownership to fans would create better avenues of fan engagement. This collection is also meant to spur liquidity for the OKBOOMER token on PancakeSwap. Proceeds will boost the project's liquidity, supplementing revenue generated from their educational podcast hosted by Matthew Diemer.

Each athlete partnership has its set of rewards. Presently, there are seven avatars of partner athletes available on OpenSea. For instance, winners of Chandler Catanzaro, wrestler Trinity, and Bradley Sowell will have a thirty-minute video meeting with these superstars. Even so, there is even more reward for the NFT winner of Peter Miller. Specifically, those who spend over $30k on his artwork will have a chance to fish with the host of Unchartered Waters for eight hours off the coast of Florida, the fishing capital of the world. Meanwhile, those who spend more than $100k would receive even more. OKBoomer has said that besides the other awards, the winner will appear in Peter's show at a scheduled date in 2022.

OKBoomer is creating digital representations of their partner athletes, creating a fair, win-win opportunity for the minter, the athlete, and the token holder. Besides, by deploying on the highly scalable, low-fees Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, their cost of engagement is significantly slashed.

Building of BoomerSwap

The team is also building BoomerSwap, a trustless DEX, which will make it easier for users to purchase the OKBOOMER token and other partner tokens using fiat or cryptocurrencies. Additionally, there are advanced plans to gamify the DEX, encouraging people to use the platform while purchasing OKBOOMER.

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