Mushrooms desirable in every good restaurant - Morels in different varieties

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 2 Mar 2024


Although theoretically the morel season should end, the cold spring meant that we can collect them even after the end of April and it will probably last until mid-May. Of course, not in every place, but on the banks of streams and small rivers they are still often found. We are talking, of course, about edible morels.

The fruit body can reach up to 20 cm - often 70% of which is the cap. The hat can be round, oval, sometimes elongated or conical.

The head is covered with depressions called ''alweola'', which consist of ribs and cavities connected to each other, creating characteristic paths.

The patterns that form on the surface of the hat and the shape of the hat determine its species affiliation.

The color of the hat can be ocher, yellow, light brown, dark brown. The hat is empty inside.

The leg can be very thick, massive. Its diameter in the largest record specimens can be up to 5 cm. It has a lighter color than the head, usually yellowish, light orange, cream or white. It's also empty inside.

The pleasant taste and smell of the crisp flesh is considered a rarity in the kitchen. The very short season for these mushrooms and its taste make it a sought-after culinary rarity, and its prices on stock exchanges and in stores are astronomical and break records every year.

Where to find morels? No professional mushroom picker will tell you that, because it's a secret. Everyone has their place and will keep the secret. But it is possible to roughly determine the positions in which this species should be sought.

Morels like fertile soil in riparian forests, on forest edges, in roadside ditches where water stays for a long time, on flowerbeds, often in gardens where we use conifer bark.

It grows in groups from March to even June, and its first pieces can be found in foothill areas already during the first snowmelt.


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