Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Urnula craterium


Urnula craterium - Mushroom 20-110 mm tall; 20-70 mm wide, consisting of a handle and bowl. Elongated, slightly spherical, almost closed, it quickly opens to the shape of a urn, a cup; later deeply cup-shaped, tapering more or less smoothly downwards; with age, it can break into several parts and fester like the petals of a tulip. The shore is uneven, cracked. Rough, grainy outer surface; color gray-pink, dark gray, dark brown, brown. The inner surface, with a generic layer, smooth, black-brown, black.

The stem is an extension of the cup, up to 25 mm high, hard, brown color, blackening downwards.

Hard, leathery, black pulp.

Occurrence: In deciduous and mixed forests, on decaying twigs and remnants of wood, sometimes completely buried in the ground. It usually grows gregariously, from March to the end of May; sometimes a few fruiting bodies are growing together.

Value: Very little data on the shelf-life; in some regions considered to be an edible fungus.  

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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