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Ecological dishes and cutlery - bran instead of plastic?

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The Polish company Biotrem, manufactures disposable crockery and cutlery from wheat bran. It does this without subjecting the bran to chemical processes. This is possible thanks to the technology created by Jerzy Wysocki.Jerzy Wysocki came up with th...

From my travels around India - Who knows what it is?

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Do you know what it is? I will suggest that this is not a coffin for coal: D

Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Rutstroemia bulgarioides

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Rutstroemia bulgarioides - Mushroom 3-10 mm in diameter, cupped or saucer, tapering downwards into a short, compact cap; Hymenium dark, olive-brown to black-brown; matte and smooth; the outer surface of the fruiting body of the same color as the hyme...