Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Tricholoma virgatum

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 16 Aug 2019

Tricholoma virgatum - Hat diameter 40 to 80 mm. Silver gray to gray gray, sometimes with a lilac shade. Conical shape, later convex to flat with a characteristic pointed tip. The surface is dry, smooth, slightly shiny, from the inside to the edges covered with darker, radially running fibrils, also bursting into radiofibrous scales. Sharp edge, rolled up when young.

Lamellae off-white, light gray, later darkening, quite broad, slightly jagged on the blades, sinuate at the stipe.

The stem is whitish, whitish gray or gray. Cylindrical, slim, slightly widened at the base. 60 to 90 mm long and 5 to 15 mm thick. On the surface dry, smooth, slightly silky shiny, with elongated fibrils. Full inside.

Off-white flesh, gray under the cap, unchanging colors, thin, fragile. Smell from neutral to slightly earthy. Taste bitter, burning hot.

Occurrence: In coniferous forests, on acidic soils, individually or in clusters, from September to November.

Value: Inedible, slightly poisonous.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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