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King Alfred's cake - a very interesting arboreal mushroom

9 Feb 2024 1 minute read 0 comments madventure

This species of mushroom, although quite common, is rarely found, due to its appearance. It is not very characteristic, the shape and color blend in perfectly with the surroundings. It grows on trees, where we also rarely look for mushrooms, st...

Coral Slime - a migrating arboreal mushroom

8 Feb 2024 1 minute read 0 comments madventure

  This species of fungus, resembling miniature sea corals, belongs to the group of slime molds. In general, there is a small dispute among scientists about whether slime molds are fungi or completely separate entities, but many do not...

Turkey tail - a very popular arboreal mushroom with health properties

7 Feb 2024 1 minute read 0 comments madventure

This very popular mushroom, found almost all over the world, except for Antarctica, has the Latin name Trametes versicolor. It is classified as a mushroom with healing properties, but mainly in Far Eastern medicine, but in Europe it should be tre...

It's the beginning of August, so what to listen to in the Jurassic forests?

9 Aug 2023 2 minute read 1 comment marianomariano68

Mamy początek sierpnia, co więc słuchać w jurajskich lasach? More and more is starting to happen. Nature seems to be preparing for the arrival of autumn, which can be seen from the vegetation. And although it is only the middle of summer, you can alr...

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda - a common yet little-known mushroom

18 Feb 2023 1 minute read 0 comments marianomariano68

Kruchawica aksamitna (Lacrymaria lacrymabunda) - pospolity, a jednak mało znany grzyb Although this mushroom is quite common, few people pay attention to it. It appears in early summer and continues to grow until autumn. It is considered an inedible...

In search of boletus edulis - and a pleasant surprise Giant polypore

16 Feb 2023 2 minute read 0 comments marianomariano68

To jeszcze jesienne wspomnienia, gdy wybrałem się na poszukiwanie borowików szlachetnych. Urodzaj był na tyle duży, ze trudno było podzielić uwagę i szukać innych grzybów niż borowiki - ale udało się. My attention was caught by a rather handsome r...

Coprinellus micaceus 🍄 Mushroom

10 Jul 2022 1 minute read 4 comments valerianis

When I was a child, I was told that mushrooms are the little elves that live in our gardens. I had no idea what they were and found it difficult to believe that they existed at all. I only believed in them because my parents told me so, and I had nev...

Wednesday Walk - Spring Wildlife and Fungi

4 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments tych0_21

Other the last two weeks, I have been taking regular walks to the woods and wetlands near my home to see what wildlife and early spring fungi I am able to uncover. I have also been photographing the many wildflower species that have been blooming ove...

Fairy Inkcap (Coprinellus disseminatus - Czernidłak gromadny) uncollected edible mushrooms in spring

3 Apr 2022 3 minute read 1 comment marianomariano68

This delicate, beautiful mushroom is a very frequent visitor in our forests. You can already meet him in early spring. And although it is edible and grows in large groups, it is not popular with mushroom pickers. This is mainly due to the size....

Very rare arboreal mushrooms - Saffron oysterling (Crepidotus crocophyllus)

26 Mar 2022 1 minute read 0 comments marianomariano68

This very rare species of mushroom, also known as saffron oyster, was observed in my independent Poland in two regions. The first is the area of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, and the second is near Krakow. Ten bardzo rzadki gatunek grzyba, nazyw...