Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Postia ptychogaster

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 15 Aug 2019


Postia ptychogaster - Mushroom most often spherical or semicircular, 30-100 mm, white or brownish, soft to the touch, hairy-spiky, easily crumbling or breaking except for the hard part near the base. Sometimes with gutting drops. No stem. It is an imperfect form that produces chlamydospores.

Tubules form rarely, usually at the base of the fruiting body, are short (up to 5 mm long), delicate (inter-tubular septum quickly disintegrate), with white, soft and serrated blades.

The pores are 0.2 - 1 mm in diameter, round or angular, irregular.

The flesh on the vertical section is yellowish-brown, partly fibrous, partly powdery, more or less concentrically brindle and composed of bundles of hyphae, radiating from one point and surrounding cavities, containing chlamydospores. Initially juicy, later dry. No special smell ..

Occurrence: Rare, on stumps and coniferous roots.

Protection: Red List Status - Rare.

Value: Inedible.


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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