Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Pleurotus pulmonarius


Pleurotus pulmonarius - Fungus with a diameter of 50 to 120 mm, shell-like, scapular, spiky, young, low-convex and curled up on the edge, in mature specimens above the stem gently concave and with a sharp edge, smooth, whitish, whitish brown, cream, gray-brown.

Lamellae very dense, narrow, elastic, deeply converging on the stipe, whitish, pale cream, yellowing as it dries.

Stem 10 to 60 mm high, up to 15 mm thick, eccentric and even lateral, thinner towards the base, whitish, white at the base, fiber.

The pulp is elastic and juicy first, with age hard and drier, whitish; with an invisible smell and a sweetish taste.

Occurrence: From lowlands to submontane regions in colonies on dead and live wood of deciduous trees, especially beeches, oaks, birches and willows.

Value: Edible mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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