Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Mycena haematopus

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Mycena haematopus - A reddish, purple-brown, pink-brown, gray-purple, flesh-colored hat, with age, may have darker spots. Diameter from 10 to 35 (45) mm, height from 10 to 20 mm. Bell-shaped, often even in older mushrooms, in which it is also spread with a pronounced umbo. The edge is uneven, sometimes serrated and even jagged (in older mushrooms). Surface initially matt, as if frosted, then smooth, hygrophanous and "striated" up to 2/3 of the cap height.

Lamellae whitish, pinkish, grayish, in older mushrooms may have purple-brown patches (from the juice), sinuate, broad and dense, slightly toothed, with interbrate, "brittle".

The shaft of the cap color, usually purple-brown, tends to be more purple at the base, 40-80 (100) x 3-5 mm, stiff, fragile, hollow, equal with a slightly enlarged base, villous (gray / beige hair). Matt surface, slightly white frosted.

The flesh is quite thin, without a distinct taste and smell. Damage to any part of the sporocarp causes the secretion of purple, dark red juice (lotions).

Occurrence: Quite frequent, especially in beech, alder and riparian forests. Appears in tufts / bunches from June (May) to October, on deciduous trees and rotten stumps, sometimes (but rarely) on spruce.

Value: Inedible.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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