Mushrooms occurring in Europe - mushroom rarities - Boletus edulis

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Boletus Edulis - king among edible mushrooms - my prey from last week :)

Hat brown and with age to dark brown, red brown, diameter up to 250 mm. The margin of the cap may be lighter, similarly the fruiting bodies covered with litter can be very light; first hemispherical, then convex, pincushion outstretched on old specimens; surface smooth or wrinkled; a bit sticky in wet weather.

Tubes initially whitish, quite long; easily separate from the cap; sinuate dissected at the stipe.

Leeks initially whitish, then yellow to olive green; quite small, roundish with age; oppressed, they do not discolor.

Stem whitish to light brown, lower part lighter, in the upper part or along the entire length of the stem more or less pronounced whitish or light brown mesh, more or less widened at the base.

Young, compact and white flesh, spongy in older specimens; brown (reddish brown) under the skin; constant. Smell pleasant. Mild, pleasant (nutty) taste. The smell of dried characteristic, intense, pleasant.

Spindle fusiform, smooth. Olive brown (dark olive) discharge.

Occurrence: VII - XI, in coniferous and mixed forests, common.

Value: Very tasty edible mushroom

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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