Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Macrolepiota konradii

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 12 Aug 2019


Macrolepiota konradii - Hat diameter 50 to 120 mm; young ovoid, later conical, bell-shaped, spread out, in the middle with a papillary umbo. The surface quickly and easily breaks into large gray-brown scales, only the center of the skin remains uniform. Only small pieces on a fine, pale cream background remain on the shore. The edge is long with remnants of cover, thick-cracked.

Lamellae slow, broad, with flaky blades, easily separating from the cap; off-white, cream-colored.

Stem 60 to 180 mm high, 6-16 mm thick; cylindrical, brittle, hollow inside. The surface above the ring is smooth, off-white; under it on an ocher background a brown, marbled, zigzag pattern. The base has thickened to 25 mm.

Large, single, funnel-shaped, disc-shaped ring, movable; white, brownish from below, flocculent on the edge.

The flesh is soft, white, slightly pinkish in the stipe. Mushroom smell, mild, slightly nutty flavor.

Occurrence: In deciduous and pine forests with grassy ground, in clearings, in thickets, in parks. It grows individually or in dispersed groups, from July to October. Frequent.

Value: Tasty edible mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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