Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Hygrophorus chrysodon

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 15 Sep 2019


Hygrophorus chrysodon - Cap 30-60 mm in diameter, young hemispherical, later arcuate, flat-arched, with age flat, sometimes sunken in the middle or with a blunt umbo. Mucous surface, especially when wet, drying over time; covered with very fine white-yellow scales, lumps, especially on the edge; off-white, cream, golden yellow. The edge is quite thin, golden yellow, long rolled up, villous, sometimes toothed, even bearded-felt. The skin, after rubbing, in older individuals and in reaction with NH³, turns yellow.

Lamellae thick, quite rare, of varying length, adnate and slightly converging to the stipe; white, with age cream, yellowish; sometimes yellowing blade.

Stem 40-80 mm high, 8-15 mm thick, cylindrical, narrowed at the bottom, initially full, with age wadded, hollow; white, felt-like on the surface, golden-yellow crumbly in the upper part, villous, below sticky, greasy.

The flesh is soft, juicy, unchanging; white, yellowish under the skin of the cap. The smell is weak, mushroom, slightly bitter almond, mild taste.

Occurrence: On the ground, in deciduous and coniferous forests, especially after spruces and beeches, on a limestone substrate. It grows individually or in small groups; from August to November. Quite common.

Value: Edible mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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