Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Gymnopus confluens

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 30 May 2019


Gymnopus confluens - Hat diameter 20 to 40 mm, young hemispherical, dullly bellied, then flattened with a dull and broad hump, in old age with curled edge, leathery, hygrophanous, smooth, naked, dry whitish-creamy, light-brown, moist, meat-brown. The shore of old fruitbodies is sometimes torn.

The narrow, dense plates, after detachment of the cap remains the backbone with the shield at the top, whitish, flesh-gray to light-brown, cystidised blade, very briefly pinched to the stipe, sometimes almost as free.

Stem 50-120 mm high, up to 5 mm thick, cylindrical, slender with an oblong groove, often flattened, tubular, empty, covered with whitish hair outside and therefore in a dry state is never shiny, colored just like the hat, at the bottom parts are darker, sometimes twisted.

Flesh thin, whitish, invariant, bitter, hard; with a mild taste and earthy aroma, sometimes reminiscent of bitter almonds.

Value: Edible fungus, used as an admixture for other species. The arid stems are useless.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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