Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Coniophora puteana

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 18 Sep 2019


Coniophora puteana - Annual mushroom, spread out, covering an area of ​​up to several cm², thin or slightly thickened. Initially circular, with age forming extensive coatings, tightly adhering to the substrate, older sporocarps protruding at the edge, easy to peel off, 2 to 10 mm thick and several dozen centimeters long.

Hymenophore uneven, irregularly nodular, papillary, frosted, lighter on the edge, fibrous, flocculent, radially fringed, turning into mycelium cords resembling rootlets; white, cream, ocher, olive and finally brown.

Waxy pulp, slightly fleshy; unpleasant, musty smell.

Occurrence: In forests, thickets, parks, on stumps and lying conifers, less often deciduous; also in buildings, on wooden basement floors, enclosures, bridges, constructions both in buildings and in the open air; very common and common. From summer to autumn.

Value: Inedible mushroom. One of the most harmful house fungi, causes strong and quick decomposition of wood.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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