Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Bolbitius titubans var. titubans
Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Bolbitius titubans var. titubans


Bolbitius titubans var. titubans - Hat diameter from 10 to 50mm. The color is initially lemon yellow, golden yellow, yellow green, olive yellow, faded in old age, gray-brown, with a darker brownish center. The shape of the young fruiting body is ovate, conical-bell-shaped, later convex, finally flat outstretched. Glossy, mucous, smooth or slightly fibrous surface, radially ridged. The edge is translucent, later furrowed to folded.

Lamellae initially whitish yellowish, pale loamy, during ripening rusty yellowish to rusty brownish. Moderately dense, thin, free at the stipe.

The stem is whitish, pale yellow. Slender, tubular, thin, slightly tapering at the top. 60 to 100 mm high and 3 to 7 mm thick. Empty inside, very brittle. Frosted, villi or zigzag pattern.

Yellowish flesh. Very thin, delicate, slightly watery, wearing a hat

Occurrence: On a nitrogen-rich substrate, fertilized soils, wood debris, rotten straw, manure and droppings, singly or in small groups, frequent, always immediately after rains, develops quickly and disappears within 1-2 days. Fruitbodies from May to October.

Value: Inedible mushroom.

Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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